Somersett West Park – Are We Close?

Somersett UnitedApproximately two years ago, this website published a status report on the proposed Somersett West Park.  For those of you who may not be familiar with this project, it involves construction of a 2nd Park as planned for under the Somersett PUD.  This Park was to be located across from the fire station on Hawk Meadow Trail.  The Park was to be built by the City of Reno from new residential construction tax fees.  Although a public park, routine maintenance costs would be the responsibility of the Somersett Owners Association (SOA).

In the two years since the last report, no information has been provided by our Board of Directors (BOD) on what is currently happening with this Park.  However, as the result of a new set of questions submitted to the Reno Parks Department by a Somersett resident, the following update was obtained from Parks Manager, Jeff Mann.

  1. The City has received clear title for the land from the Developer; this had not yet been accomplished at the last update.
  2. The original estimated construction cost for the Park and associated Somersett trailhead was $575K. This value is subject to change based on prevailing construction costs.
  3. Park construction funds are derived from new home construction tax fees (1 % of building value up to $1000 max) within the Park District encompassing Somersett. Of these fees, 52% are dedicated to the Somersett West Park and 48% to other Parks within the District.
  4. As of December 2014, $365,000 was available within the Somersett West Park Fund. Based on the $1000/unit value, approximately 210 new residential units are required to reach the $575K amount.
  5. Park will not be constructed until the entire construction funds are available. No schedule has yet been adopted.
  6. The original Park concept called for a picnic and play area along with a community garden. To view Park layout, click on the following: Somersett_West_Park_Concept. The City may make reasonable changes to the plan if in the public interest and would be coordinated with the SOA BOD. Substantial changes would require City Council approval with possible budget modifications.
  7. Acquisition and construction costs for the new Sierra Park (the old Northgate Golf Course property) will have no affect on funding or construction timetable for the Somersett West Park

In a poll taken by this website in February 2013, Park theme preference was: 50% Dog Park, 30% Community Garden, 18% Sports Field and 2% Skateboard Park. However, the sample population was relatively small.