February 25th BOD Meeting Recap

Somersett United
Somersett United

Reference:  February 25 BOD Meeting Agenda


The following is a summary recap of the more important issues covered in the reference BOD Meeting. Attendance consisted of about 17 homeowners, a disappointing turnout.

Items 2 and 8 – Homeowner Comments:

  • Private Street Gates have been inoperable about half of the time. Therefore the BOD should consider some credit/rebate to those homeowners who pay extra for this service. No commitment on the part of the BOD.
  • Given the frequency in which private gates are left open for long periods of time (e.g., construction purposes) can affected homeowners be advised of such occurrences so they can take other security measures? The Association Manager stated they will find a way to advise affected homeowners of any such occurrences.
  • Now that the Association owns the vacant lots adjacent to the Town Center retail buildings, can some action be taken to clean them up so they are no longer a community eyesore? BOD advised they will look into a solution.
  • Given the current and future issues facing our growing community, It was suggested the BOD meet monthly in open forum instead of bi-monthly. No commitment on the part of the BOD
  • What is the status of the $25K contract given to Hansford Economic Consulting for an Amenities Assessment and Planning Process? All deliverables under this contract had a target completion date of February 20, 2015. The BOD advised a report had been generated and will be posted on the mysomersett.com website.

Item 3 –  Committee Reports:

  • The Communication Committee reported they are looking to a revamp of the mysomersett.com website to make it more homwowner oriented than marketing/sales oriented. The committee will be visiting Tahoe Donner webmaster and IT personnel to get best practice ideas.
  • The BOD president stated that the Country Club Purchase Agreement requirements have been completed (Escrow closed) and homeowners can now take advantage of the Country Club facilities/amenities as described in the Purchase Agreement. These include: 1) use of dining room and pro shop at member rates, 2) free use of bocce ball courts, 3) free use of the back synthetic surface driving range, 4) use of front grass area driving range for $10/day, and 5) 4 foursome rounds of golf per year at equity member guest rates.

Item 6.a) – Litigation Review:

  • A homeowner property damage issue was taken care of via SOA payout to the homeowner.
  • The lawsuit filed against the SOA regarding the CC&R Amendment voting process, and Country Club Purchase Agreement by association, has not yet been resolved. However, the BOD president indicated they are in the final stages of reaching a settlement agreement with the plaintiffs and expects closure in the very near future.

Item 7.f) – Winter Creek Common Area Improvements:

This item pertains to an erosion/drainage issue in the Wintercreek community. A fix had been proposed with an estimated cost of $8K.  However, a long discussion ensued centered on that the $8K solution only represented a temporary fix and that a more permanent fix was really needed, with an estimated cost in the $40K range.  There were also access issues that needed to be considered.  Apparently when Lennar completes their build out, access to the affected area for repairs will be extremely limited. The BOD will get new estimates and reconsider the solution.

Except for Item 7.d), which was tabled, all other new business items on the Agenda were approved

One thought on “February 25th BOD Meeting Recap

  1. Somersett Owners Association is pleased to announce the closing of the purchase agreement for the golf course land, water rights and other facilities. The purchase was approved last year by a clear majority of the homeowners of Somersett and also by the members of Somersett Golf & Country Club. Under this agreement, SGCC will lease back the use of these assets and continue to assume all responsibility for the operation, maintenance and control of the golf course.

    Tony Fakonas, President of the SOA, remarked on the closing, “This marks the culmination of many months negotiating this transaction with the Country Club. The Board feels this agreement provides our community with the assurance that the golf course will be properly maintained and remain a beautiful part of our amenities here at Somersett. I look forward to a strong, cooperative relationship between the SOA and SGCC for the benefit of our community.”

    SOA Secretary Susan Novell added “It was heartening to see such a large portion of our community take an interest in this initiative. Votes were cast representing 1,891 units, the largest turnout ever for any vote in Somersett. The results of the voting also show that a clear majority of SOA members who voted see the long term benefits to Somersett that this agreement brings.”

    We want to remind all residents of Somersett that this agreement provides each homeowner with several privileges including four rounds of golf a year, expanded and free use of the driving range, and access to the SunSett Grille and Bocce Ball courts. Watch for more announcements in the future.

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