Sierra Vista Park

Somersett UnitedThe city of Reno has released their conceptual plan for the Sierra Vista Park.  For those interested in reading it, it may be accessed via the following link.  It is also accessible on the SOA’s website.

Sierra Vista Park Concept Plan

The Sierra Vista Park came into existence following the demise of the Northgate Golf Course, which was operated by the Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitors Authority (RSCVA).  Closure of the course by the RCSVA resulted in the land reverting back to the heirs of the original owner (i.e., RJB Development Company). Subsequently, the City of Reno and a group of neighboring property owners worked tirelessly to come up with a plan to purchase the property from the RJB heirs and convert the land into Reno’s largest park. Specifically active in this endeavor were several Somersett residents in the Whisper Rock area.

Rather than selling the land to other interests (e.g., residential developers) the RJB heirs allowed time for the City of Reno and neighboring property owners to raise funds to purchase the property. This was subsequently accomplished when a deal was reached to purchase the property for approximately $2.5M, $1.2M of which was generated via a “Special Assessment District” imposed on those property owners adjacent to the Park.  Again, Somersett owners in the Whisper Rock area were very active in obtaining the required two-thirds approval of adjacent property owners via petition.  The remaining funds were obtained from existing City and County project funds.

To further reduce the cost to the city, several Somersett residents purchased land adjacent to their existing lots that totaled approximately $200K. In the context of the idiom “no good deed goes unpunished”, these residents are now embroiled with the SOA Board over CC&R and access issues to their newly acquired property.

Kudos are certainly in order to those Somersett owners who devoted their time and effort to convert the Northgate Golf Course property into the now realized Sierra Vista Park.  The service they performed not only benefited Somersett residents, but all of Washoe County as well.