Somersett Fire Station



The following Comments were submitted by Jeff Church:

“Not sure how to comment here, first time. Wanted to make members aware of closure of the Somersett Fire station #19 on Hawk Meadow Tr. It is closed virtually 100% of the time. We are being taxed for fire services we are not receiving. See Reno Fire Ballot R-3 1996 or see I have retained an attorney, possibly tax deductible if it is rental/income property. I believe I have a strong case. There is an Attorney General Opinion listed that seems to support this legal action. How much $$? Maybe about 25 cents per $100 of assessed value.

As homes are added, it increases demands for police & fire services yet Somersett Station 19 at Hawk Tr sits empty. 98% of fire calls are actually medical. Boards should pursue getting Reno to open it as a REMSA station with extra staffing. Our taxpayer dollars pay specific police & fire taxes we are not receiving. Bing “Safety 88″ and “Reno Fire Ballot R-3 (1996)” or Reno Public Safety and Safety 88″. Totals about 25c per $100 assessed value. I believe we are due a tax refund and am pursuing such. My accountant says legal fees tax deductible if used to protect rental/ income prop.”

Perhaps someone on the BOD would care to comment on the status of Somersett Station 19, and what plans the city has, if any, on its use.