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The following Comments were submitted by Jeff Church:

“Not sure how to comment here, first time. Wanted to make members aware of closure of the Somersett Fire station #19 on Hawk Meadow Tr. It is closed virtually 100% of the time. We are being taxed for fire services we are not receiving. See Reno Fire Ballot R-3 1996 or see I have retained an attorney, possibly tax deductible if it is rental/income property. I believe I have a strong case. There is an Attorney General Opinion listed that seems to support this legal action. How much $$? Maybe about 25 cents per $100 of assessed value.

As homes are added, it increases demands for police & fire services yet Somersett Station 19 at Hawk Tr sits empty. 98% of fire calls are actually medical. Boards should pursue getting Reno to open it as a REMSA station with extra staffing. Our taxpayer dollars pay specific police & fire taxes we are not receiving. Bing “Safety 88″ and “Reno Fire Ballot R-3 (1996)” or Reno Public Safety and Safety 88″. Totals about 25c per $100 assessed value. I believe we are due a tax refund and am pursuing such. My accountant says legal fees tax deductible if used to protect rental/ income prop.”

Perhaps someone on the BOD would care to comment on the status of Somersett Station 19, and what plans the city has, if any, on its use.

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  1. If you want comments from the Board of Directors, it’s probably best to contact them directly ( They have no obligation to monitor this website and no interest in doing so. Anyone who lives in Somersett should know the proper way to communicate with the SOA, and posting anonymous comments on this free blog is not the best.

    1. Old Joe – Not sure how you can call the comment anonymous when it was submitted by Jeff Church

      Board members surely should be monitoring all web sites which provide information about community happenings.

      The lack of a “owner question and comment” blog site on MYSOMERSETT is a problem contributing to poor communication in general.

      We used to get MikeMails telling us about things in general – it would be good if the SC Board used this format to inform us about committee meetings, etc.

      Given the parlous water situation in our area and the extreme drought – I believe that the SC Board should be informing all residents of their societal duty to “save” water.

      Closing a fire station as we approach the 2015 fire season, makes no sense. It doesn’t matter who is paying for it, or even what the Board thinks of area water and fire mangement policies.

      1. This board allows anonymous comments. That’s why your moniker is “TiredofSomersett”. Who is Jeff Church? For that matter, who am I? No one needs to take any responsibility for what they say on this site. That’s why there is so much misinformation and distortion of the facts.
        Merits of the fire station aside, my point was simply that, if you want to ask a question of the Board of Directors, there is an appropriate way to do that. I don’t think they should have to acknowledge this informal and unaccountable website as a legitimate channel of communication. As I understand it, they have been sued in the past for attempting to explain their stance on various issues. Why go through that risk to respond to anonymous comments posted on a free internet web site whose administrators take no responsibility for content?

        1. Old Joe – My observation is that the “misinformation and distortion of the facts” you refer to is primarily in the mind of the reader who usually has a different objective/opinion from the writer, and not much to do with the actual facts. The beauty of this website is that it provides a forum for Somersett residents and owners to express their viewpoints. Yes, sometimes anonymously, perhaps from fear of improper retaliation. Unfortunately, civility is not always followed here, but fortunately this website does not screen or censor one’s comments.

  2. I posted before about fire issues. RFD recently got a massive pay raise but Somersett’s fire station #19(on Hawk Meadow) remains closed with fire trucks rusting inside. Likewise with Skyline #7. We voted for more taxes for fire service (look up Reno Fire R-3) but the money went to the General Fund and you’ll see nothing on your tax bill. I have hired a law firm, Sahara Legal as a last resort. If interested in lowering your taxes or opening your station:
    his #: 775.298.6200

  3. Your Somersett Fire Station #19 has been closed. I am Jeff Church and my email is below so I’m not anonymous. I did have a call from an angry retired RFD guy but it was a good chat. As you see I back this with facts.

    In 1996 voters approved measure R-3 for an increase in taxes and were promised 30-35 “additional” firefighters” we don’t have. Instead of using that money as required, Reno has fallen back at or below the 1998 floor in firefighters and is using that money in the general fund for other purposes. Check your tax bill and you will only see General Fund for Reno. Remember 98% of calls are non-fire (medical) so members who have heart attacks have a long wait as the Mae Anne stations responds (unless they are busy). IAFF contract prohibits Automatic Aid so paramedics at the county station just down the hill are NOT dispatched!

    Your City Council person is Neoma Jardon ( ) who voted for the massive pay raise for fire fighters last week while leaving Somersett station #19 and Skyline closed. From Public Records Request: R 3 Revenue:
    1998: $2,400,000
    FY2013: $4,158,967.51
    FY 2014: $4,199,726.13
    FY 2015: $4,314,284.81
    *Each year the number of station brown outs increased in spite of increasing revenue.
    1Q 2014 (January 1 to March 31):
    RFD Station 19 Somersett was closed 46 full days and 16 partial days for the quarter.
    1Q 2015 (January1 to March 31):
    RFD Station #19 Closed 100% of the time.
    Mad yet?
    At my expense I hired a law firm to address this but need help. Feel free to contact me or the firm: Sahara Legal Group, 775.298.6200,
    In some cases the expenses may be tax deductible.
    Jeff Church

  4. Important update! The Automatic Aid and Blue Ribbon Fire Services report will be discussed by a JOINT meeting of Reno and Washoe County (TMFPD) Monday June 15 at 1:30 PM. Tentatively at Reno City Hall but I think that is too small. Double check but please attend. This is esp important to you as it would allow the TM station down the hill to respond to medical and/or fire calls in Somersett. Currently that is not the practice!

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