Sierra Canyon Management Update

Somersett UnitedFor our non-Sierra Canyon readers, following is a reprint of an update memo on the Sierra Canyon HOA management change.  Note that the same management company, FirstService Residential, is now serving both the Somersett and Sierra Canyon home owner associations:

“Good afternoon Sierra Canyon Residents,

FirstService Residential began managing Sierra Canyon Association on March 1st and has been diligently working on transitioning the property with a number of changes including a new community site, additional on-site and off-site staff and are working on a Meet & Greet event to engage the ownership while providing updates to these changes.

A significant change occurred today with Mike Aguilar having moved onto another venture.  He has dedicated the past 10+ years to Sierra Canyon and we wish him the best in his new endeavor.  Given this new change comes an opportunity for a new person to step into the role of the Community Manager.  We are aggressively recruiting for this position and have begun reviewing applications with the expectation to fill the position very soon.  While this process is being completed, I will be the Community Manger in the interim along with additional support provided by our local team in order to ensure the level of service is not interrupted.  

Additionally we are excited for Clifford Tebbit to join the team on April 13th as the Assistant Community Manager who will be actively working on compliance related items of the association.  Once onboard he can be reached at or at the Lodge.  Jan McKinney has also stepped up her role with the association by becoming the Administrative Assistant.  She can be reached at

We appreciate your continued support of the community and please feel free to drop by Aspen Lodge to address any questions you may have. 

Warm regards, 

MELISSA RAMSEY, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, CPO Vice-President, Northern Nevada Community & Lifestyle Services


2 thoughts on “Sierra Canyon Management Update

  1. My husband Gary and I moved to Del Webb in August,2014.To this day,nobody has been able to explain to us the following:
    1)Why do we have to pay a fee to Somerset?
    2)What does that fee pay for?
    3)Are we members of Somerset HOA ,separate of Del Webb?
    4)Can we use the Somerset lodge facilities?if so,do we have to pay a fee?
    5) Can we participate in their events and activities such as the community garden?
    6)Can we vote on Sometset issues?
    We would really appreciate it if someone from the new management company or a member of the 2 boards could answer these questions for us.Thank you.

    1. Ivonne

      I am not a Del Webb (Sierra Canyon) resident, but believe I can answer some of your questions.

      1) and 2) Your fees paid to the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) are for common area access and maintenance. The common area includes the Canyon 9 par 3 golf course, which charges a fee for residents to use.
      3) Yes, you are members of the SOA in addition to being members of the Sierra Canyon (Del Webb) HOA. The SOA is the Master Association with the Sierra Canyon HOA being a sub-association
      4) No, you do not have normal access to the Somersett Lodge facilities (The Club at Town Center or TCTC) as Sierra Canyon has their own Aspen Lodge facilities. Likewise non-Sierra Canyon owners do not have access to the Aspen Lodge. However, I believe you can opt to use the TCTC for an additional fee.
      5) See response to 4) regarding use of TCTC. However, the community garden, if the current Somersett West Park plans hold, will be available to all Somersett residents. This includes Sierra Canyon.
      6) Yes, being a member of the SOA Master Association, you can vote on SOA issues.

      I am surprised that you have not been able to find answers to these questions from your past management company, and that as a new resident, they did not reach out to you. I would talk with the new management staff to verify the above responses and any other questions you may have.

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