RV Storage Lot Project

Submitted by Joe Bower, Del Webb Owner and SOA member

The City of Reno and the Somersett Aesthetic Guidelines Committee have approved a RV Storage Lot project at 1001 Somersett Ridge Parkway.  The 5.793 acre site is the first retail pad you see when driving between the roundabout near Maria’s Mexican Restaurant and the entry/exit monument to Sierra Canyon.  Owned by the Witt Family LLC out of Sherman Oaks, CA, the project entails $100,000 in site work and a $251,000 caretaker’s residence.  Nice first impression to Sierra Canyon and greater Somersett.

A location map may be accessed via the following link;   RV Storage Lot

8 thoughts on “RV Storage Lot Project

    1. According to Blake at SOA, The lot is a project of Interstate Storage. Call the Ambassador location for additional details.

  1. I hope there will be a complete visual barrier with this RV storage center? Most of these storage areas are unsightly and give a ‘cheap’ look to the area. Very high, opaque, fences and some landscaping would do the trick.

  2. Dear Mr.Bower,I realize that Del Webb and Somerset rv,trailer,5th wheel owners need a place to park their vehicles.However I disagree with you that the proposed location of the rv park is a good first impression of our Del Webb community.Most rv storage facilities have a dirt location with wire fence surrounding the lot.Everytime we would drive by we would be staring at rv’s in different stages of maintenance ,from old and decrepit no longer used,to rigs in top shape. I would hope that any fence surrounding the lot will be a solid fence nicely decorated and painted, and high enough to hide the rigs from all directions. I would rather see retail businesses in that location,specially for DelWebb owners whose only choice is to either drive all the way thru Somerset to get to Robb Drive or take I 80 to McCarren or downtown Reno.

  3. Lakeside Trucking isn’t exactly what I would choose as a ‘greeter’ for Sierra Canyon either…but at least they’ve dressed up their parking lot in recent years with a landscaping screen. Landscaping/screening will be key if the storage project goes forward.

  4. As the Somersett Aesthetics Guidelines Committee have already approved the plan – it would be great if this plan could be posted (other than the site plan attached in the blog) on the Sierra Canyon Residents website – perhaps an opportunity for a MikeMail to inform all.

    Actually, it is outside Sierra Canyon Gate, opposite Maria’s and the Industrial area

    1. “Nice first impression to Sierra Canyon and greater Somersett” is about as sarcastic as I can get without using four-letter words.

      I whole-heartedly would have voted against it or helped to stop it if I had known about it before a done deal.

      Beware of additional businesses coming into the same area of Lower Somersett Ridge Parkway (section between the roundabout and the Sierra Canyon (Del Webb Reno) entry/exit).

      I don’t believe Blake Smith has anything to do with this. Lot is owned by the Witt Family LLC, Sherman Oaks, CA.

      It is sad that neither nor both the Sierra Canyon or Somersett Board were not aware of this project. If they were, while having to keep confidential any business between the architectural committee(s) and project owner, they could have publicized public information so owners could attend City hearings.

      1. MY RAMBLING 2 CENTS WORTH: Interesting comments, since no one has YET even seen what this might look like as a finished project. It might all be inclosed in a Large Building. And would be no less attractive than 30 or 40 Truck Haulers at LST across the street. Which Personally does not offend me. And no one ( myself included ) has refused buying here or complained. And the only addition to beautification improvement at LST has been a picnic table and some grass with boulders at the entry. Also yes we do have an Rv stored nearby and would welcome a project to have our RV inside and secure by cameras and fences. Im guessing some units will be outside storage $70 to 100.00 per month, and others stored inside in the realm of $300 to $400 per month. But lets wait and see, then do the complaints 🙂 , how about complaining about that now Would have also been nice to have at least been notified before approval.

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