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A frustration often heard at BOD Meetings and expressed on this website is that homeowners have a feeling of being “out of the loop” about what’s going on in their community. Also, that the current Somersett Owners Association (SOA) website ( is not user friendly and difficult to navigate for the average user.

Unquestionably, there is a lot of useful and important information contained within the current website; the problem appears to be the manner in which it is presented to the user. In this regard, the SOA Communication Committee will be looking into a website update to address user interface issues as well as providing additional features. However, their priority appears to be on “Syncing” the various SOA databases (transparent to website users) and updating email lists, rather than a redesign of the website.

With regard to new SOA website features, the following has been suggested in past Communication Committee Meetings without much success:

  1. A homeowner classified section, for example: sale items (home, auto, personal), lost & found and personal services (babysitting, handyman, computer assistance).
  2. A homeowner forum/blog section, wherein homeowners can express their ideas, concerns, questions, letters to the BOD, etc. and expect answers when appropriate.
  3. Informative BOD, Committee and Staff Reports. The current website publishes nothing more than abbreviated meeting minutes with little detail.
  4. Document Access: Not all SOA documents are accessible on the SOA website (e.g., the SOA’s governing documents), but require separate login to the FirstResidentialServices website to access, this should be corrected. Some of the duplication between these websites should also be eliminated and concentrated on the SOA website

It has been reported that the bi-monthly newsletter and homeowner emails are being looked at for enhanced communications.  Item 3 above should also be considered for these documents.

Reader comments on present and future suggestions for SOA to Homeowner communications are welcome.  Readers are also encouraged to email them to Communication Committee members at

Homeowners may also attend Communication Committee meetings (held monthly) to express their viewpoints.  The next Communication Committee meeting is scheduled for April 21, 6:00 PM at TCTC.

2 thoughts on “SOA Communications

  1. As I see it, the problem with SOA owner communications is that, in the past, the Communication Committee has not focused on their primary purpose which per their Charter:

    “is to assist in the development of communication systems that 1) will enable the Board, Board Committees, and management staff to directly communicate information to Homeowners; and 2) will enable Homeowners to directly communicate information to the Board, Board Committees, and management staff”.

    It appears their focus was directed more to ancillary issues rather than their primary purpose. Perhaps this will change with the addition of new BOD Member Susan Novell who, as the BOD representative on the Communication Committee, has expressed a strong interest in improving owner communications, both to and from.

  2. I was at the last Board Meeting and asked several questions – no written response has been posted as yet.

    One of my questions pertained to the “replacement gate fiasco” at Dove Mountain – a letter I had written to the Association 5/4/14 has yet to be answered. An amenity request form which requested that the gates be upgraded to have operating systems pertinent to the 21 st Century; key pads with lighting that could be seen (especially in the dark) by older folks and number buttons that are larger for ease of use by all. Was submitted at the time. I have seen no commentary or discussion as yet.

    Another aspect of the gate replacemnet program, is that the Reserves for gates, writes them off after 20 years, but our gates have been replaced in less than 10 years because they werent up to the job (with our severe windy microclimate). If the wrong gates were installed, surely the developers, such as Toll, Mountain Ledges should be paying for this expense?

    Susan Novell was listening in to the questions at the Board Meeting – hopefully she will put a forum/mechanism in place so that answers to these questions can be speedily communicated – not just to the questioner, but ALL of Somersett.

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