SOA Amenities Update

Somersett United
Somersett United

Most Somersett residents are aware of the current amenities being offered within the Somersett Community. That is, The Club at Town Center, Aspen Lodge, Canyon 9 and the Trail System.  However, not all may be up to date on recent developments in this regard, which are summarized below:

SGCC Purchase Agreement – Under the recent purchase agreement, Somersett homeowners may now avail themselves of the following Country Club facilities:

  • Four foursome rounds of golf per year at prevailing guest rates ($60 until May 1, $65 thereafter). Reservations can be made 3 days in advance.
  • Access to front of driving range (grass surface) for a $10/day fee (unlimited balls) with free access (unlimited balls) to back of range (synthetic surface).
  • Access to main dining room, pro shop and bocce ball courts at the same prices afforded to Country Club members. No fee for bocce ball court usage.

TCTC Lot Purchase – Totaling a combined 28,097 sq. ft., these lots adjacent to the Town Center commercial buildings were purchased by the SOA in late November of last year for $260K.  The BOD felt that purchase of these lots by the SOA represents the best available choice for future amenity additions to TCTC.  To date no plans have been proposed for its development.

Somersett West Park – This Park, to be located across from the fire station on Hawk Meadow Trail, will  be built by the City of Reno from new residential construction tax fees.  Although a public park, routine maintenance costs will be the responsibility of the Somersett Owners Association. The Park concept calls for a picnic and play area along with a community garden.  To date, no schedule for start of construction exists. For more details, see the “Somersett West Park–Are We Close?” Blog post dated January 29, 2015.

SOA Amenities Assessment – The $25K contract awarded to Hansford Economic Consulting for a SOA “Amenities Assessment and Planning Process” has been completed with the issuance of a “SOA Final Amenities Assessment Report”. This report was originally published on this website on March 11, 2015, but may be accessed again by clicking on the preceding link. The report contains a lot of informative demographics, usage statistics, HOA comparisons and generalized short and long term recommendations covering amenities, communications and operational planning. It is heavy on process, but somewhat lacking on specifics, leaving this to the discretion of the SOA BOD and Committees. A lengthy report (42 pages), readers are encouraged to at least read the last six pages “Section 5. Findings and Recommendations”

The Strategic Planning Committee is planning to hold an “Open House Presentation” to discuss the report and the subsequent steps they will be pursuing. Strategic Planning Committee meetings are also open to all homeowners, at which they may express their viewpoints.   Strategic Planning Committee meetings are held monthly with the next one scheduled for May 5th, 6:00 PM at TCTC. If you are unable to attend these meetings, and since the Strategic Planning Committee does not have its own email address, one may email their viewpoints to the for forwarding to committee members.

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