Verdi Crushing Plant

The following is a reprint of an email from the “Verdi Community Council” regarding a Truckee-based company, 39 Ventures, that wants to build a materials plant just off I-80 in Verdi. It would crush and recycle concrete, asphalt and stone. Concerns have been raised about noise, dust, pollution, water sources and truck traffic. Being a close neighbor to Verdi, this project may also be of interest to Somersett homeowners.

“We hope this email finds you well! Our apologies we didn’t get an update out last week, however, we wanted to bring everyone up to speed as we have continued serious efforts on our opposition of 39 Ventures. We have an attorney that has been extremely generous and volunteered his time and efforts in this matter to assist, guide and if/when necessary represent us. 

Together we met with McGinnis & Associates who deal with a full range of environmental issues, almost all of which pertain to the 39 Ventures application. More information about this firm can be found at Their staff is extensive including; professional engineers, stream restoration and fisheries management experts, a hydrologist, petroleum hydrocarbons experts and waste-water treatment specialists. They have worked with multiple citizens groups and successfully met their agendas through responsible parties, regulatory agencies and government representatives. 

We are fortunate to have a few residents graciously donate the necessary funds to retain this firm. A Huge “Thank you” to those individuals as we feel strongly this is a more formal approach to our efforts. McGinnis & Assoc. will review the current practices of the Reno Planning Department, the Planning Commission’s action, and the project application for accuracy, negligent and false assertions. They will review all of the previous filings and present us with a written product outlining the best pathway forward for the Verdi Community. They will speak on all scientific technicalities to the Planning Department, Commission and the City Council for us (our “Experts” for all technical purposes). We will continue to share what we learn with you.

We also met with City Council representative Neoma Jardon in hopes of finding out exactly where this proposal stands within the City process. Unfortunately she was unable to provide any details as the project is really in 39 Ventures court to be put back on the agenda (at which time we will be notified and be able to assess if/how they are moving forward). She confirmed this is not a City Council driven pause. The Council has four options, when and if, the application is brought forward again: Approve it, Deny it, Remand it to the Planning Department or accept a withdrawal of the application by 39 Ventures. Additionally she shared that it is very possible another agency could step in within the review process and impose requirements on the applicant (a specific example she provided was the EPA requiring a clean up of the existing site) We did ask if there is a time clock running on the applicant to take action. We are looking forward to an answer on that.

Lastly, we, the Verdi Community Council, have formed a large group of residents that have been exceptionally helpful, motivated and generous with their time to assist in all these efforts. A couple of us have officially applied for a Non-profit Corporation status (which is in process) in order to continue our efforts to protect the Verdi community, keep you all informed and educated on not just this but future projects and protect Verdi’s future.

We have and continue to respond and correspond via email so please feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your time and continued interest! We are still receiving petitions and would like to keep those efforts going in the meantime, so please advise if you have or need any.


The Verdi Community Council: Carly Borchard (, Phil Povey (, Chance Reading (,

4 thoughts on “Verdi Crushing Plant

  1. I am too,as a new resident of Del Webb,concerned about the crushing plant planned to be built near Verdi.We have horrendous western winds blowing thru our streets bringing dirt, decomposed granite and all kinds trash. Because of our proximity to Verdi, we could be subject to air and noise pollution 24/7 created by the am certainly opposed to the opening of the plant. Ivonne Richardson

  2. Somersett is already a windy dusty place. Having 39 Ventures adding to the dust generation in Verdi does not sound like a good idea.

    However, I have noted with new construction in Somersett, that the earth/dust/DG is damped down during and after earth moving activities (terra forming). So maybe a rock crushing plant – with proper dust controls — will not be a problem.

    One thing the Somersett Board should do, is remove the requirements for extensive use of DG in landscaping projects (a good example are the piles of DG in the Entrabce Canyon on Somersett Parkway). It looks terrible and blows everywhere (scratching paint, car windshields on a windy day). The dust when breathed into the lungs is a health hazard for humans, coyotes and other wildlife.

    One solution would be to have the architectural guidelines updated to minimize the use of DG, having non-grassy areas covered with crushed rock or stone, in both new properties and existing lots.

    They can change the requirements for wire mesh fencing and enforce the change – why cant they do the same to eliminate most of the DG currently used in all of our landscaping?

  3. I definitely believe that the Rock Crushing Plant in Verdi is a TERRIBLE idea.

    I’m really surprised that 39 Ventures would be so clueless as to think they wouldn’t encounter such serious opposition, that it wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

    Simply put, it would make so much more sense for this company to put the Plant way out on the eastern side of Sparks/Washoe County where there are already more Industrial Park kinds of Plants there anyway.

    This way it’s pollution will be down wind of the large population of people in Reno. It might even be cheaper for them to put it there also.

  4. If the proposed project for the ROCK QUARRY goes through You will be essentially signing My Death Warrant! Anne Pellegrini Sierra Canyon Resident.
    I have ASTHSMA and am prone to Bronchitis. It’s Already Dusty enough here to the point that we have had to install Extra Fans in the house because opening of Windows is Not an Option! Just what do you this this new project will do to MY HEALTH!

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