Water – It’s Time to Save!

Somersett UnitedAll are most likely aware of the 25% mandatory water restrictions imposed on California water users as the drought years continue.  Nevada also has its share of water problems, albeit most notably in the south. However, we in the Truckee Meadows area are not immune and are using up our drought reserves as both surface and ground water sources decline.  As a result, the Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA) is now asking all its customers to immediately (voluntary) cut water usage by 10%.

The question is, what are Somersett residents and the Somersett and Sierra Canyon Owners Associations doing to achieve this end and perhaps circumvent what is occurring in California? We assume that both BOD’s are addressing this issue, but to date no concrete plans have been forthcoming.  Somersett residents who may have some  ideas of their own, are encouraged to submit them to the SOA BOD at SOABoard@mysomersett.com as well as sharing them via comments to this article.  In this regard, we are republishing a letter entitled “Water & Landscaping Savings” (click on to read) originally submitted to the SOA BOD by a Sierra Canyon homeowner.

Readers are also encouraged to access the TMWA website at http://tmwa.com/.  This website contains a wealth of information on water issues, especially under the “Your Water” and “Conservation” tabs.  Under the “Your Water” tab click on the “Water Resources” link to learn all about the Truckee River system, water supplies, facilities, resource plan, operating agreements, water rights and water sources (animated video).