Somersett West Dog Park

Somersett United
Somersett United

One of the New Business items on the April 22 SOA Board Meeting is “Review and Approval of West Park Conceptual Plan” (the complete meeting agenda may be accessed by clicking on “April 22 BOD Meeting Agenda”). The original concept called for a Community Garden theme.  However, many Somersett Residents have expressed a strong interest in a Dog Park concept, or at least the inclusion of a Dog Park as well. Hence the formation of the “Waging Tails Group” to promote this end.

In support of the Dog Park concept, Chris Watters, a Sierra Canyon homeowner and the Waging Tails Group Administrator, has submitted a historical recap, as well as additional information, pertaining to the Dog Park alternative.  Readers may access this document by clicking on the following link;

Dog Park Concept at Somersett West Park

Readers interested in this concept are encouraged to read the above and attend the April 22 Board meeting (5:30 PM at The Club at Town Center) to express your support.  Start of Park construction by the City of Reno has not yet been scheduled, therefore, community interest in alternative concepts will be considered.

6 thoughts on “Somersett West Dog Park

  1. I am not against a dog park. However, the dogs of potential users may not be allowed to be off-leash. Washoe County and City of Reno “leash laws” need to be carefully examined. See Washoe County Chapter 55 Section 55.100 “Restraining Animals.”

    1. A dog park is a place that is fenced and dogs are allowed to run free. It would defeat the purpose if you had to have dogs on a leash. I am definitely for it. People need a place around here to exercise their dogs.

  2. A dog park is a great idea…presume its off fenced area for big dogs and one for smaller dogs…we did it in another community and if money becomes an issue one way to help finance the building of the park is for people to pay for “in memoriam” ground pavers, or benches, or plaques….or trees…it would be dedicated to their loving pets that have passed.

  3. does anyone know regarding the closing of the village restaurants whether or not the owner of that entire block of land has given it back to the bank….or does he still own it and is looking for other businesses/restaurants to go in there.

  4. Great idea if 100% animal owners would follow the rules. But have never seen such animal park users anywhere we have lived coast-to-coast follow rules. .And I do understand that those not following the rules posted are generally not even a part of the group who created the rules. Take a Trip some day to San Rafael Dog Park & Run, then vote for a Dog Park here. Probably Not !

  5. A dog park is a great idea and I’m pleased to see something positive come out of this web site.

    Joe? Really? What’s the point of a dog park if you have to have the dog on a leash? There are fenced in dog parks in communities throughout the west (and probably throughout the country) and dogs are allowed off leash. I like the idea of a big dog side and a little dog side to help prevent anything potentially bad happening to a small dog.

    And to Edward, there are people that don’t follow rules throughout all of our daily lives and there are usually proper and effective ways to deal with them. Should we not allow cars on the road because people don’t follow the rules? Maybe a little bit of an extreme analogy but not having a dog park because “some” people don’t follow the rules is also extreme. I’ve been to dog parks with our dog (both contained and otherwise) and conflicts always seem to work themselves out.

    This is a big community with LOTS of dog owners, so again a dog park seems like a great idea…..

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