Reno Mountain Bike Trail Grant

The following public service announcement was submitted by Keith Cespon, Vue homeowner:

Bell Helmets is awarding a $100,000 grant to fund a mountain bike trail building project, and you get to choose who gets the grant! Three West Coast locations in Nevada, California and Oregon are vying for the grant. The Nevada option being the Sky Tavern location here in Reno.

Sky Tavern ( is a community based non-profit Junior ski area off of Mt. Rose Highway that has gotten kids and families out to ski over the years and now looking to expand their horizon to a downhill mountain bike park with the Bell Helmets grant.

To read more about this project go to the Bell Helments websiste listed below, but mostly importantly cast a vote for the Sky Tavern Bike Park Downhill Trail so they can so they can continue to do what they do for kids and families in the Reno area.

Voting closes on April 26, so please vote now! To cast your vote go to:


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