April 22th BOD Meeting Recap

Somersett UnitedFollowing is a brief recap of the April 22 BOD Meeting Agenda items: Reference:  April 22 BOD Meeting Agenda

Items 2 and 8 – Homeowner Comments:

  • The Administrator for the Sierra Canyon “Waggin Tails” Group spoke on behalf of a Dog Park Concept for the proposed Somersett West Park. This was followed by other Dog Park supporters. One homeowner, experienced in Dog Park planning and fund raising, offered her services in this regard. Another homeowner spoke in favor of the Community Garden concept. Both Dog Park and Community Garden proponents were not opposed to sharing space within the park.
  • Safety concerns were expressed over having a dog park and a children’s play area within close proximity of each other. Another concern related to traffic, parking and access issues regarding use of the park by non-Somersett residents, being that it will be open to the public.
  • The BOD was asked to re-consider access and fee structure requirements placed on visiting grandchildren.
  • A Morgan Point homeowner expressed concern over the amount of time it was taking to resolve common area drainage issues and the impact it has had on their property, They presented an Engineering plan to the BOD they obtained for a proposed solution.
  • Given the BOD response about being constrained by the Somersett PUD with regard to approval of alternate xeriscape solutions, it was suggested that minor changes to a PUD are easily obtained, and therefore, the BOD should consider this.
  • In response to a homeowner question, it was stated that the total SOA legal fees associated with the CC&R Amendment litigation was not exactly known at this time. However, it was estimated to be in the $165K range (later reported as $156K through March). The BOD advised it will attempt to recover legal fees through their liability insurance carrier

Item 3 –  Committee Reports:

The BOD president reported that emails had been received from homeowners regarding alternate xeriscape solutions, primarily related to the “mow strips”, that the SOA was not in a position to approve.  Reason being that they were constrained by the Associations governing documents (e.g., the Somersett CC&R’s and PUD) that specified acceptable landscape alternatives.

Item 6.a) – Litigation:

The BOD ratified a negotiated CC&R Amendment litigation settlement that had been approved by all parties (see previous blog post entitled “CC&R Amendment Lawsuit Settlement” for details).  The BOD president stated primary purpose for the settlement was to save significant additional legal fees (estimated in excess of $100K) that would have been incurred in moving forward with the case, even though he felt they could have prevailed. The settlement agreement will be published on the SOA website. He also advised that the Nevada Attorney General’s Complaint (i.e., citing violations of law with regard to the previous Country Club Lease Agreement) against the previous developer controlled BOD would not be moving forward. (Note: an alternate source was informed by the Attorney General’s office that subsequent passage of the amended CC&R’s and Country Club Purchase Agreement by homeowner vote, in addition to the litigation settlement, did not warrant its pursuit).

Item 6.c) & 7. g) Winter Creek & Morgan Point Common Area Improvements:

Much discussion on this subject.  It was concluded that area improvements regarding erosion/drainage and rock wall modifications still has items to resolve before final approval.

Item 7. c) – Common Area Irrigation Test Section

Installation of a couple test areas within the common area to evaluate improved irrigation techniques was approved.  Groundskeeper will perform the work

Item 7. e) – Cross Walk from Town Center to East Park

Traffic Works was approved as the vendor (~$5K contract) for the design and obtaining Reno City approval of pushbutton activated flashing lights at this crosswalk.  Although a public street, the City of Reno will not pay for this safety feature, which was been deemed necessary by the BOD.

Item 7. f) – West Park Conceptual Plan

Original concept for this park was for a children’s play area and community garden. After much discussion, regarding community garden, dog park, children’s playground and public access issues, the BOD approved the formation of a sub-committee to interact with homeowners on prefered concepts (e.g., via survey) to insure that the final plan best fits the needs of the community.

Item 7.h) – Canyon 9 Drought Contingency Plan

Due to Truckee River water source issues, a contingency plan for obtaining water from the Country Club’s Hole 14 lakes is under consideration.  The problem being that no pipeline to transport water for Canyon 9 usage from these lakes currently exists.  Approval to move forward on a plan to accomplish this end was obtained.