2 thoughts on “Grass – The Bad, The Ugly & The Good

  1. Grass out. Xeriscape in. Xeriscape still allows for “the good” of water. without using a lot of it.

  2. When I saw the title “Grass” my mind wandered to the “other kind, popular in Colorado and responsible for a “Rocky Mountain High”; not to belittle the efforts of Washingtononians and Californians for “helping their friends”!

    Imagine my disappointment when I read through all those dry facts.

    One question, how much water does a canabis plant require?

    I take it that thirsty Las Vegans can spare some of their households 592 daily gallons of water to nourish very green non-native plants.

    Given the current state of legislation in NV, being annomynous …

    At least we don’t have any water police here…yet

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