Sierra Canyon Picnic Area BBQ Removal

The following submitted by Joe Bower, Sierra Canyon Homeowner:

I want to publicly thank owners Pauline & Eugene Gerscovich for first pointing out to me the fire danger presented by the bar-b-ques that were in the two required picnic areas installed by Pulte within Sierra Canyon II.

That led me to a year-long plus effort to have these bar-b-ques formally removed both physically and as a requirement.  I made several personal visits to the City offices of the planner and fire captain and of course had extensive correspondence with them via email.

The end result is “adios bar-b-ques” plus the addition of the second table originally missing from each area.

I am sad to report that these areas will not be moved to better locations and that they are not equal to what are in Villages 6 and 9, i.e. no roof over them. Instead Pulte has planted some trees around the areas. Hopefully they will help shield picnickers from seeing and hearing passing cars.

I can only do so much, but my eyes are now focused on common area irrigation and xeriscaping and additional options for private mow strip landscaping.

Note:  The Condition Amendment for Sierra Canyon II pertaining to the BBQ removal may be accessed by clicking on the following link:

Sierra Canyon II Condition Amendment