Global Tour – Droughts

For you Drought junkies – Submitted by Geoffrey Brooks – Somersett Homeowner

You think that it is bad in NW Nevada, in California  and the Mountain Western U.S?

Consider the Mid East – the drought caused the initial Syrian civil war. ISIS is rampant as they are controlling water and parcelling it out. They have significant local extreme religious backing as they pray for reign and death to their enemies – Shias, non-believers – any one with potable water!

Consider NW India, 115F heat, high humidity but no rain. No snow in the Himalayas, dwindling water levels in the Indus, Ganges, Brahmaputra rivers, to produce clean energy.  A disaster.

For a global look at drought conditions, click on the following link.

At least Reno has grey water for irrigation. Not that we can build a desalination plant…but maybe tunnel our way deep into Lake Tahoe (like Las Vegas is doing to Lake Meade).

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