June 24th BOD Meeting Recap

Somersett United
Somersett United

Following is a summary recap of general interest agenda items from the June 24th BOD Meeting.  Agenda items are indicated. Reference:  June 24 BOD Meeting Agenda

Communication Committee Report (3. a)

The Communication Committee is planning on writing articles on water conservation and submitting them to the Board for approval and dissemination to Somersett homeowners.  Also, the Committee plans to hold homeowner “Expos” on topics of interest to the community. Topics mentioned were water conservation and solar energy.

Association Litigation (6.a)

There are no active litigation items currently before the Association.  Litigation costs incurred by the Association pertaining to the CC&R Amendment issue was reported as $166K, of which $60K was reimbursed by the Association’s liability insurance carrier.

Morgan Point Common Area Erosion Issue (6.b)

Problem apparently solved by landscape additions to both homeowner and common area plots.  Although originally contemplated, modification to the existing common area retaining wall was not required. However, Issue will be monitored to insure problem is indeed solved.

Canyon 9 Drought Contingency Plan (6.c)

This issue was brought about by potential cutoff of Truckee River water due to low flow or restrictive conditions, which would impact irrigation of the Canyon 9 golf course.  The Association has access to well water which feeds an SGCC upper lake.  However, no pumps or pipelines exist to transfer water from the SGCC lake to the lake adjacent to the TCTC, which provides the Canyon 9 irrigation source.  A study determined that a gravity feed pipe with appropriate valves could be installed to accommodate the transfer.  An RFP has been prepared and sent to potential suppliers.

Fairway Hills Common Area Erosion Damage (7.a)

Repair costs (retaining wall and landscape planting improvements) amounting to $7.3K was approved.

Somersett West Park Committee (7.b)

Seven homeowners were appointed to form up this Committee, which will evaluate and recommend a Park concept to be submitted the Reno Parks Department for consideration (Note: Park will be designed and built by the Reno Parks Department, but maintained by Somersett, this will be a public park open to  all Reno residents).  Many volunteered for this committee, and the selection process insured that the seven committee members represented a diverse cross-section of opinions and neighborhoods.  The Committee’s charter was approved with amendments.

Copper Knolls Entrance Sign

The Copper Knolls entrance sign on the Somersett Parkway is in need of repair.  In lieu of repair an alternative to remove was discussed. Apparently this sign was erected early in the Somersett development for marketing purposes and other neighborhoods do not have similar signs.  The decision was made to repair rather than remove, and that perhaps other such neighbor signs should be considered.

2015 Board of Director Elections

The time line for the 2015 BOD elections was approved, which will be consistent with past elections.  A major difference being that the BOD balloting process will be accomplished via a standalone mailing.  That is, it will not be combined within a single mailing containing other Association documents, such as budget info and/or other initiatives.  This on recommendation of the Election Committee based on reported issues from past elections wherein a combined mailing was utilized.  It is anticipated that a separate mailing will result in an increase of returned ballots.

Sierra Canyon Easement Maintenance Agreement (7.j)

No approval action at this time regarding maintenance issues with Sierra Canyon parkway’s common areas. Further discussions between the Sierra Canyon and Somersett BODs, as well as the developer (Pulte) are required.

Homeowner Comments

Homeowner comments included opinions on the Somersett West Park concept and installation of button operated “flashers” to be installed at Somersett Parkway crossings. The BOD advised that installation of a flasher at the crosswalk between the TCTC and Somersett East Park had been approved by the City of Reno and an RFP will be issued for its construction (i.e., at Association cost).  Homeowners were encouraged to submit for consideration, other areas where they believe flashers to be appropriate.