Canyon9 Pipeline Project Meeting Result

Somersett United
Somersett United

On July 22 the BOD convened a special meeting for the sole purpose of reviewing and approving the Canyon Nine Irrigation Pipeline Project. The purpose of the project being to provide an alternate source of water to the lake adjacent to TCTC, which provides the irrigation source for the SOA’s Canyon Nine golf course. The primary source of water for this lake is via a Truckee River pumping system, which currently has been curtailed due to low river water conditions.

Given the SOA has access to ground water sources that feed the Somersett Golf & Country Club (SGCC) lakes, the BOD felt it prudent to be able to tap into this source if necessary due to loss of the Truckee River water. To address this issue, the Association hired Far West Engineering to conduct a study ($5,000) on how to implement transfer of water between the SGCC Lakes and the Canyon Nine Lake. The study concluded that a pipeline with appropriate valves could be installed to accommodate the transfer via gravity feed. That is, no pumping system would be required. As a result of this study, a Request for Proposal (RFP) was prepared and bids were solicited from four suppliers.

The BOD received quotes from two suppliers, which were opened at the meeting with the following results

  • DF Drumm Inc. – $39,523
  • Arizona Pipeline – $34,300

The BOD approved Arizona Pipeline for the project under the condition that its proposal meets the requirements of the RFP. The proposed solution calls for installation of a buried pipeline connecting the SGCC Hole 11 Lake to the Canyon Nine Lake. No impact on SGCC golf operations is anticipated.

Note that the SGCC Lakes also have access to Truckee River water from the Canyon Nine Lake via an installed pumping system.  However, this is a one way system, hence the requirement for the proposed pipeline project.

3 thoughts on “Canyon9 Pipeline Project Meeting Result

  1. I support the pipeline installation to save the Canyon Nine, if there is not other way to ensure the irrigation of this asset. However, I also support attempts to get this paid by the developer if at all possible. He has left this community with assorted construction defects at the town center, entrance rock walls and now this. I think it is time to negotiate a settlement with him for these issues.

    1. Charnelle – Good luck on the Developer thing. The homeowner BOD’s have shown little stomach for going after the Developer on construction defects, subsidy reimbursements, reserve shortages, or the 2011 Country Club Agreement. Even though there was some basis for pursuing these issues.

  2. When we were asked to buy the Golf courses we were told the water rights were worth more than the total purchase price. Now we learn we have no water and its value is zero. We were also told that total maintenance of the golf courses were the responsibility of the golf course management. This was to include watering, greens maintenance ,water lines. How quickly things have changed. What recourse do we have?

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