Verdi Rock Crushing Plant Update

Posted by Carole Fineberg – Sierra Canyon Owner

Have you heard there is a rock crushing plant (39 Ventures) planned for Verdi?  Are you aware what it will do to our community? Here are a few highlights:

  • Wind travels west to east and we here in Somersett and Del Webb are directly in line for dirt, debris, dust, rock chips and radon (in the rock) blowing right through our community.
  • Verdi is a sleepy, little rural neighborhood where we dine, shop, gamble, go to the post office, hike and picnic. Is this really a suitable location for a rock crushing plant?
  • The Truckee River runs right through Verdi. What will our City look like with a rock crushing plant dropping dirt, dust, debris in it and carrying it into downtown and beyond?
  • What about the noise factor?  I can imagine crushing rocks being noiseless.  Again, rural Verdi doesn’t deserve that kind of industry.
  • What about traffic on that little 2-lane road all through Verdi?
  • 39 Ventures is asking for a special use permit allowing them to operate from 11 pm to 6 am.  You read that right: they want to operate 24/7.

It is my understanding that this has gotten this far because the City Council is considering “spot-zoning” an area of Verdi to allow it.  But we have got to show up and make some noise.

Wednesday, July 29, 6:00 pm, at City Council, 1 E. First St. (park in CalNeva parking lot and walk 1/2 block west on First St. to 1 E. First).  This issue will be debated and finally decided.  Some of us have been screaming, writing, calling for months.  We need to crowd the Council chambers and let our voices be heard. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE for our community.

Note:  In a separate email to Sierra Canyon residents, Janet Macy, Sierra Canyon Homeowner is also:

“urging as many of you as possible to attend this meeting as the number of people attending will make an impact on the council members. You DO NOT have to speak but signing in and indicating a “for” or “against” comment and being sure it goes to the city clerk for the record could make a huge difference in how they vote. …. Their website is  if you need more information or have questions.

If you are unable to attend, please send your comments to the city council members as well as the city clerk.   We live in a residential community with a lovely quiet area of parks, trails, elementary school, locally owned restaurants, farmland, and animals just around the corner.  Let’s try to keep it that way.”

5 thoughts on “Verdi Rock Crushing Plant Update

  1. Someone who is “in the know” wrote me this morning (after I wrote the first post on this issue last night) that this rock-crushing facility, in this location, has long been used as a station for paving roads, streets and highways in Washoe County. I’ve also been told that this facility is between the railroad and I-80 and the alternative plan to the rock-crushing plant would be federally subsidized (welfare/Section 8) housing and we could NEVER defeat that. I am torn, but thought everyone should know what I know in order to make an informed decision.

  2. I had attended a meeting with Neoma Jardin – Council Member Ward 5 on May 11th 2013, where she was interviewing applicants for the ward’s new NAB. (Neihborhood Advisory Board)

    When asked to make a recommendation, of things that could be done thru the NAB to improve the quality of life for the residents in Ward 5 – I had brought up the 39 Ventures proposed operation. This type of inherently dusty operation would be best located in Eastern Reno – due to the strong (very strong!!) prevailing westerlies.

    The current buidling activities in Somersett and Sierra Canyon require the use of extensive ammounts of DG (sand), which when dry is easily blown away. Dust and particulates are bad for one’s health and cause various pulmonary problems. Not only do we need to minimize any dust generation (and health risk) by a new venture, we also need to tackle the windswept dust issue in our beautiful area caused by DG – already extensively used in our landscaping.

    I would like to suggest that the AGC review the use of DG in new construction landscaping, with a view to minimizing its use. Crushed decorative rock, 3/4″ and to 1″ which will not only help to maintain moisture in the soil below – but most importantly NOT be blown away, should be requirement!

    Neoma Jardin, at the time said the 39 Ventures project was under review and probably not be going anywhere. It seems that the suggestion to re-locate the plant to the East of Reno in the desert where there is minimal housing has not been taken seriously…yet!

    I had put my comments in writing to here at the time – a copy of my note is available to any interested party.

  3. Subject: 39 ventures crushing plant and health issues

    Dear Mayor Schieve and Council Members,

    I think that in dealing with the issue of the crushing plant, not enough attention has been placed on its health implications.
    I’m very concerned about the possibility of having a rock and cement crushing plant West of Reno.

    Let me explain:
    Being that the prevailing winds are from the west, the dust being produced at such a plant will be transported immediately to the City of Reno. The mountains East of Reno make a natural barrier to keep the dust over the city, same thing with smog.

    Be aware that the inhaled rock dust may result in silicosis, a life threatening lung disease. In silicosis the lining of the airways and lungs is damaged by the inhaled dust, resulting in scarring with the consequence of the lungs being incapable to fulfill the function of oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange.

    In Verdi, the plant workers, the nearby school children and neighboring residents will be the ones primarily affected by the floating dust, but the City of Reno will not be spared of the effects of the proposed rock crushing plant.
    No responsible industry will be willing to relocate to Reno which will become known as a cluster of silicosis.

    Please, enter this health risk in the discussion of the issue.
    This subject has been thoroughly discussed with E.O.Gerscovich,M.D., Professor of Radiology at the University of California, Davis.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Paulina Gerscovich

    9230 Hidden Park Drive.
    Reno, NV 89523
    Phone: (916)541-0253

    PS: I am enclosing information about silicosis. See attachment.

    1. Great letter. If, 10 years down the road, people start getting sick from this illness you describe, then the City would be at risk of being sued for approving this project.

  4. I see that in the agenda for the Council Meeting – that a 6 acre lot of property will be annexed into the City of Reno. It is right by Route 80 and not that close to housing (as far as I can tell).

    So Verdi are literally washing their hands on the issue…

    We should ask for extensive dust mitigation (ie zero) to help enhance the quality of life in our locality.
    I am not sure the midnight operational time will create that much additional noise, as it is close to Route 80 – which is perpetually busy – and there is the 5 30 am train whistle!

    My note to Neoma Jardin was dated May 2015 (not 13 as posted)

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