Reno City Council meeting on July 29th

Somersett United
Somersett United

Following is the Reno City Council agenda item pertaining to the previously posted Verdi Crushing Plant (39 Ventures) article

M  Public Hearings – *6:00 PM

M.1 – Council will consider an ordinance introduction to annex and make part of the City of Reno +/- 6.78 acres of Verdi property located immediately north and south of the intersection of Crystal Park Road and Quilici Ranch Road in the Community Commercial (CC), Public Facility (PF) and Cooperative Planning Area Overlay (CPA) zones. The annexation would relate to the 39 Ventures materials processing facility.

M.2 – Council will consider a request for special use permits by the 39 Ventures materials processing facility to 1) resume an abandoned nonconforming use of Outdoor Manufacturing, Processing, Assembly or Fabrication; 2) allow a nonresidential development to be located within 300 feet of residentially zoned property; and 3) to allow the use to operate between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. (24 hours.)

*A time listed next to a specific agenda item indicates that the specific item will not be heard before that time (not necessarily at that time).

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