Adults Losing Amenities

Submitted by Steve A.

When we bought here it was in great part for the amenities available. We do not have children here but it is obvious that the direction is to give more accessibility of those amenities to youngsters at the expense of adults. Additionally the running of the club amenities needs to be reviewed and improved. In a short period of time here are some examples of what I have experienced

Basketball…for about 2 months during the summer, due to kids club, adults were not able to use the courts except nights/weekends. Then adding to this issue I experienced going to the court on a weekend and finding out that all but one of the basketballs were bad (and that one was being used) and so were thrown out and new ones ordered but not arrived so once again I couldnt use this amenity. So tell me how about 10 basketballs go bad at once..impossible…and rather than wait weeks for new ones, go to a store and buy them.

Pool…as you are all aware the hours for the adult pool has been extended to allow kids more time in the adult pool. once again we are being pushed aside. Additionally an incident happened recently were a child pooped in the kids pool forcing evacuation and allowing them to intrude/use the adult pool…what was to prevent the same thing from happening in the adult pool

Tennis…I recently called to reserve a court 2 days in advance and was told none was available. The group met at the court with the idea of having to drive to a public court to play…lo and behold both courts were empty and also found out that earlier only one court was being used…again management needs to get a better handle on usage

Wednesday Market Day….while this wasn’t an amenity while we used to have this well attended event we no longer have it…I only bring this up because it was a plus for the community and along with suggestions re: this event, availabilty of the basketball courts, suggestions to improve tennis court usage, I have submitted suggestions to better improve the management of these facilities.

Nothing changed, and never heard back with comments good or bad.

As a large adult only group that pays the same HOA fees we shouldn’t see a reduction in availability and once again suggest that the precedures in running these amenities need to be reviewed.