Adults Losing Amenities

Submitted by Steve A.

When we bought here it was in great part for the amenities available. We do not have children here but it is obvious that the direction is to give more accessibility of those amenities to youngsters at the expense of adults. Additionally the running of the club amenities needs to be reviewed and improved. In a short period of time here are some examples of what I have experienced

Basketball…for about 2 months during the summer, due to kids club, adults were not able to use the courts except nights/weekends. Then adding to this issue I experienced going to the court on a weekend and finding out that all but one of the basketballs were bad (and that one was being used) and so were thrown out and new ones ordered but not arrived so once again I couldnt use this amenity. So tell me how about 10 basketballs go bad at once..impossible…and rather than wait weeks for new ones, go to a store and buy them.

Pool…as you are all aware the hours for the adult pool has been extended to allow kids more time in the adult pool. once again we are being pushed aside. Additionally an incident happened recently were a child pooped in the kids pool forcing evacuation and allowing them to intrude/use the adult pool…what was to prevent the same thing from happening in the adult pool

Tennis…I recently called to reserve a court 2 days in advance and was told none was available. The group met at the court with the idea of having to drive to a public court to play…lo and behold both courts were empty and also found out that earlier only one court was being used…again management needs to get a better handle on usage

Wednesday Market Day….while this wasn’t an amenity while we used to have this well attended event we no longer have it…I only bring this up because it was a plus for the community and along with suggestions re: this event, availabilty of the basketball courts, suggestions to improve tennis court usage, I have submitted suggestions to better improve the management of these facilities.

Nothing changed, and never heard back with comments good or bad.

As a large adult only group that pays the same HOA fees we shouldn’t see a reduction in availability and once again suggest that the precedures in running these amenities need to be reviewed.

11 thoughts on “Adults Losing Amenities

  1. Adults are having a hard time now that summer is here and all the little kids are around.
    It’s hard to get a tee time at the Canyon 9 with all the kids around.

    If they have an accident in their pool, they should have to just swim in it anyway. We all know that adults never do this in their pool. The adult pool as pure as spring water, and if somebody goes, we just swim in it anyway.

    Having to make room for kids on the basketball court in the middle of the day during summer is a real bummer. They should go ride their bikes or something so the adults who are off all day can use the court during the summertime.

    As far as the market goes, the town square businesses have all gone under, so the owner doesn’t allow Somersett to host farmer’s markets anymore on his vacant property. This is probably because the kids weren’t patronizing the restaurants at the Town Square.
    Times are truly hard for us grown-ups…

    1. I wrote the comment on adults losing amenities and to review the running of existing amenities. I want to respond to a reply re use of land for a farmers market like event. while im surprised that the grape and grain side owner controls that middle strip vs the sakana side owner or soa assuming thats true i have the following suggestions to maintain some kind of social like event some of these i already submitted awhile ago…if location of having the event is an issue and we cant use the median why not make use of either the land soa purchased to that area or use of the parking lot. have it 1-2 times a month not every week. expand it to include the music, farmers market, crafts market especially from people that make crafts within somersett and a flea market where people sell their unwanted treasures. In the parking lot have food trucks….if money is the issue approach Sakanas to financially support all/part inexchange they get xtra traffic flow that one day, give exclusivity to them for alcholic beverage sales and give them free ads every time we publish the somersett paper. I cant believe it costs much…so instead of cancelling this event it gets expanded.
      steve a

  2. I tend to agree. I stopped using the pool 3 summers ago when the prime hours were turned over to the children. When I first moved here, I would go to the pool, have adult beverages, laze in the sun or take a dip in the water, and never had to worry about the content of my conversations with my adult friends. I did complain years ago to the Clubhouse but my voice was met with deaf ears.

    I love children. I had a dance studio for 15 years and still stay in touch with my many students, who are know married with their own children. I am not an adult who becomes disgruntled simply because children are around, but I do become disgruntled when the rules change to accommodate children first. The kids have so much to do here in Somersett. I am one adult who wants the pool back.

  3. Most of the Adults in Somersett want the Pool back it seems that everything is geared towards the Children. I would like to see a survey conducted as to how many Families with Kids actually live in Somersett ?? And how many of those are actually Home Owners?
    The results of this survey if it was conducted honestly ?? would shock everybody. The Condo’s have their own Pool but I am willing to bet that most of those families use the Pool at Town Center there is simply no control. If more Home Owners would take the time to attend the Board Meetings and actually get involved we all might stand a chance to change things unfortunately there is mostly apathy something the Board is fully aware of and uses that fact to their advantage.

  4. Kids need a safe place to play. They need more amenities then you complaining adults do. You can drive yourself somewhere else if you want to. Stop picking on the kids and move to Del Webb. As far as I’m concerned, the Town Center is for the kids. We should have more things for them to do. Del Webb is for crabby old people who don’t want kids around. Go somewhere else.

    1. Liz – You need to chill out a little here. First of all most of Sierra Canyon residents are not “crabby old people”, Secondly, The Club at Town Center is not just for kids but for all dues paying residents of Somersett to use for their pleasure. Thirdly, it is the older residents that pay most of the assessments that support TCTC so your kids can enjoy it.

      There are solutions for everything that reasonable people can come to as opposed to your “move out” solution if one disagrees with you.

    2. This is my response to Liz on my amenities comments. If you carefully read and understand my comments there were 3 distinct features:
      1.Farmers market event ..this was an event enjoyed by adults/younsters alike…it no longer exists…everyone loses…i submitted written proposals awhile ago as well as in the blog to re-create a similar like event that would benefit the entire community…no response from management

      2.MANAGING THE AMENITIES…i highlighted specific events that happened to me as an example of why management should review how
      they manage these amenities and improve usage of them. once again i had written to management with some suggestions awhile ago with no response or feedback. My idea was to better run the community amenities AND ONCE AGAIN HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH KIDS VS ADULT ISSUES

      3. The third segment had to do with the amenities, youngsters vs adults.
      It is my opinion that we all have to co-share these amenities not eliminate a segment of the populace from them. So for example with regard to using the basketball court i had suggested to management in writing sometime ago that they draw the curtain thats there segmenting the court whereby adults had 1/2 the court and youngsters had the other half and the stage portion….again no response. In this way no group would be denied usage. THIS IS THE ONLY PART OF MY BLOG THAT HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE ADULTS VS YOUNGSTER AMENITIES ISSUE.

      As to your comments i think they are totally unwarranted and by sinking to name calling (ie “crabby”) is both unprofessional,immature and certainly not productive. I am entitled to my opinion/proposals as you are to yours.If you want to attack those ideas thats fine…if you want to make alternate suggestions …by all means do so…but the tone of your response is beyond how we should be dealing with issues in the community…and who are you to tell me or any person THAT THEY SHOULD MOVE.

      I have often heard comments regarding lack of community support and participation at board meetins and that there are many complainers that dont suggest/propose ideas to better the community. That was not my intent with my blog. It is comments and attacks like yours that give rise to the reasons people dont participate or give input…Why should they subject themselves to this kind of abuse

      i suggest the next time you want to respond/comment do it in a constructive and productive manner and not in an attacking mode.

      Steve a

  5. Liz

    I think that the Aspen Lodge should welcome all the “oldens” wherevere they may live in Somersett – in return the TCTC should welcome all the grand kids staying in Sierra Canyon.

    Fair exchnage and all that.

    However, due to the lack of cooperation between Somersett and Sierra Canyon when it comes to amenities – it seems that the only solution is for Somersett residents to sell and move to Del Webb!

    Perhaps the Real Estate salespeople should tell all prospective buyers in Somersett proper that “Oldens” are only welcome in Sierra Canyon – as they have no facilities here for them!

    It seems that to ensure clarity about amenity use that Sierra Canyon should be split off from Somersett. Somersett proper should be a community for only those with kids…

    1. I have been seriously thinking of buying in Sierra Canyon so that I can partake of their amenities. I live in the Vue. I bought when Pulte was the declarant. My salesman told me I could us the Sierra Canyon Clubhouse. You can imagine my chagrin when I found out there was no reciprocity between Pulte’s two communities as I had been told. I love the idea of those 55 and over being able to use the Sierra Canyon amenities. I would pay a fee to do so. However, I heard a rumor Sierra Canyon is growing larger than what the clubhouse can currently accommodate.

  6. Strange that everyone assumes it is all older peoplepcomplaining. I have talked to quite a few 30 something’s that feel the same way. We all pay the same HOA fees and in fact, people in The Village pay double HOA fees so they can use either pool. Caughlin Ranch I have heard splits the time evenly between kids and adults. It has worked well for them – maybe the management should find out how other communities do it.

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