Senator Ted Cruz Meet and Greet

Somersett United
Somersett United

Acccording to an Associated Press release published on the RGJ website, Senator Ted Cruz is scheduled to attend a public meet and greet at the Arrow Creek Country Club the evening of August 15th. No time was referenced.

2 thoughts on “Senator Ted Cruz Meet and Greet

  1. I wonder if Senator Cruz plays golf…

    Will anyone at Arrowcreek ask him how we should plan to use water sparingly, in light of our 4 year drought?

    What are his views on desert landscaping (xeriscape) vs. watering extensive green fairways?

    Where does he stand on trying to stop Carbon consumption using Carbon taxes? … using these revenues to subsidize and invest in green non carbon polluting energy.
    Perhaps he will try to eliminate coal mining (a dirty, polluting, death dealing source of energy) – he is a sitting Senator!

    So what will Ted Cruz do to help all the Washoe County residents adapt to our changing future?? – and how will he help to ensure that Reno residents enjoy healthy prosperous lives and have a great educational system for our children – FOR Reno, Washoe Co., NV and yes, everyone in our country?

  2. The event will be held at The Club at ArrowCreek and is open to the public and there is no cost (I’m sure donations will be accepted). Saturday, August 15 4:30 to 6:00 PM.

    RSVP to Robert Uithoven at

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