Somersett West Park Update

Somersett United
Somersett United

The Somersett West Park Committee met on July 13 with Jeff Mann, Reno Parks Manager, in attendance to address Committee questions. Many interesting and important questions were addressed, the Q&A’s of which are included in the Committee meeting “RECAP” published on the Association’s website. This RECAP may also be accessed by clicking on the following:

Somersett West Park Meeting RECAP

Regarding Park use, of particular interest was the following Q&A:

  • Does Mr. Mann have any suggested uses for the park in addition to the current ideas of a play area, community garden, and a dog park?

Mr. Mann stated that the City’s perspective is to build a park that the owners of Somersett want to be built. Mr. Mann noted that Reno has a short growing season for Community Gardens; also, turf will not survive in a Dog Park and often DG means mud for 9 months of the year.

Regarding Mr. Mann’s comment on “turf will not survive a dog park…”, apparently he has not visited the dog parks at the Sparks Marina and the Hidden Valley Regional Park, both of which are grass based. Also, note that the current conceptual design for the park incorporates a community garden.

3 thoughts on “Somersett West Park Update

  1. Great information from Somersett United. Wonder why the Board didn’t put it out????? Didn’t board candidates in the last election emphasize “better communication with owners?”

    BTW the last sentence says: “The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 10 at 5 pm.” Update report received today, August 11.

    1. Joe – When the August 10 Meeting RECAP is released by the SPC, an update will be posted. Note that Committee Meeting RECAPs are not always published promptly. That is, several days, sometimes weeks, following the meeting dates have elapsed before they are available.

  2. Note there are artificial turf alternatives for dog parks that survive many years in California. They require less maintenance and less water than grass alternatives and frequently maintain a better appearance over time as well.

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