Strategic Planning Committee Meeting

Somersett United
Somersett United

A Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 13, 6:00 PM at The Club at Town Center. Topics that are expected to be discussed include:

  • The Request for Proposal for a “Master Plan Amenities Recommendation” study.
  • Potential land usage for the Country Club property should they go under.
  • Homeowner amenity requests.

For background information, the SPC’s July 7 Meeting RECAP may be accessed by clicking on the following:

July 7 SPC Meeting Recap

 All Association Committee meetings are open to homeowners with time allocated for homeowner comments. If you have any comments, concerns or questions related to the above, or any other issues, you are encouraged to attend the meeting.

4 thoughts on “Strategic Planning Committee Meeting

    1. Barry – As usual, you need to chill out somewhat and quit being so defensive!. Nobody is predicting the Country Club is going under.

      As simply stated in the SPC meeting minutes “the Board has requested they (SPC) come up with contingency ideas/plans for potential land usage of the SGCC if it were to go under. Tony (BOD President) reminded the SPC that there is no expectation for the SOA to implement these potential plans and they are strictly doing this just in case something was to happen, as promised to homeowners when the purchase agreement took place,”

      Given the failure rate of golf courses, I do not see this as you state “a waste of everyone else’s time….Really?”, but simply a look at what options the SOA should consider.

  1. On Monday, September 14, 2015 the Wall Street Journal contained an article titled “Tap the Sun, Together” with the subtitle “Community solar may be poised to take off.” Now that sounds like a good idea to me for our Strategic Planning Committee to be looking into.

    Shared solar for the entire HOA. “Although a relative small business now, community solar is growing and could account for as much as half of the small-size market by 2020.” Why not have Somersett be a leader instead of a follower?

    BTW some HOA’s have made deals with Internet providers and cable companies for community-wide service with each owner paying a smaller monthly fee that what s/he might pay on their own. Another item for the Strategic Planning Committee to be looking into.

    1. We also own property in San Francisco in a coop – the Association (which has monthly board meetings) has negotiated a deal for basic cable for all the residents with Comcast. This only costs us $30/month, versus the $70 normal charge.

      Yes – lets lead with community provided services – maybe ATT with U-verse would like to step up to the plate!

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