SOA Compliance Policy

Somersett UnitedUnfortunately, as in all homeowner associations, there are residents who, knowingly or out of ignorance, choose to violate the Somersett Owners Association’s (SOA) governing documents, be it by not taking appropriate care of their yard, illegal parking, barking dogs or other provisions.  Many residents have complained to the SOA about perceived violations, without receiving any feedback as to what actions have or will be taking place, only that the complaint has been received.  However, this is not to imply that no action will be forthcoming.  Simply put, by law, the SOA is not permitted to disclose the status of any sanctions taken against a homeowner by the SOA.  Also, all homeowners have a right to due process in challenging the validity of any reported violations.  This is all spelled out in the SOA’s Compliance Policy, which all homeowners are encouraged to read and which may be accessed via the following link:

SOME Compliance Policy

The preceding does not preclude any resident from continuing to report violations they believe have not been corrected in a reasonable amount of time.