SOA Compliance Policy

Somersett UnitedUnfortunately, as in all homeowner associations, there are residents who, knowingly or out of ignorance, choose to violate the Somersett Owners Association’s (SOA) governing documents, be it by not taking appropriate care of their yard, illegal parking, barking dogs or other provisions.  Many residents have complained to the SOA about perceived violations, without receiving any feedback as to what actions have or will be taking place, only that the complaint has been received.  However, this is not to imply that no action will be forthcoming.  Simply put, by law, the SOA is not permitted to disclose the status of any sanctions taken against a homeowner by the SOA.  Also, all homeowners have a right to due process in challenging the validity of any reported violations.  This is all spelled out in the SOA’s Compliance Policy, which all homeowners are encouraged to read and which may be accessed via the following link:

SOME Compliance Policy

The preceding does not preclude any resident from continuing to report violations they believe have not been corrected in a reasonable amount of time.


8 thoughts on “SOA Compliance Policy

  1. Owners need not report the violation(s) of other owner(s), if management would do a better job of inspecting the community and enforcing violations. Owners typically report after noticing a violation has gone uncorrected for months and months.

    Rumor has it that builders do not want violations enforced as the community may get the “wrong” reputation and sales become more difficult; and the Board accommodates.

    Too many obvious violations are not picked up on management’s inspection tours. A good example is owners who have juniper in their mow-strips without having xeriscaped front yards. A yard that has some grass and some xeriscape is not xeriscaped.

    The AGC says: “IF the front yard is xeriscaped, approved junipers may be planted in the mow-strip area.” That means IF the front yard is not xeriscaped, junipers are banned from the mow-strip, yet there are junipers in mow-strips where the front yard is not xeriscaped. Also, juniper may not be the right species and/or planted in the required triangular pattern.

    Drought or not rules need to be followed or changed.

    Under Nevada law owners may not be fined without a Hearing. At the Hearing, the matter may be dropped, the owner given more time to correct, or a fine levied.

    While not an owner violation, management refuses to follow the provision in its own PUD that says: “Visibility triangles will be maintained at all intersections. Within visibility triangles all trees will be pruned such that no branches extend lower than six feet above curb level at time of planting and 8′ above curb height at maturity. Other plants will not exceed eighteen (18) inches in height above any curb level.”

    As the community grows so do its trees and plants. Do we need to wait for the coming serious auto collision due to an unseen approaching vehicle before some trees are removed and others trimmed properly?

    I am anxious to see in October what comes of the edict regarding chicken wire on split rails. Grandfathering on its way??? Some received formal approval years ago. Former owner installed not present owner???

  2. ‘Barking dogs’ continue to be mentioned in SCA and SOA communications. Any dog that barks briefly when people pass by a house or yard is completely normal and referred to as an ‘alert’ bark. The only time a complaint is reasonable in my opinion is if barking continues for 10 minutes or more after the stimulation is removed/gone. Please consider this before complaining about a barking dog. –Chris Watters, Waggin Tails Group Administrator, Sierra Canyon

  3. Why are you posting a homeowners document from the password protected MySomersett site on a public website?

    1. 1. This document along with most SOA documents are not available on the website. One must go to the FirstService Residential website ( and login to retrieve them, and it is not an easy task to find what you are looking for.
      2. Just because you must enter a password to enter a site, does not mean that all documents contained therein are “confidential”. In fact an HOA’s governing documents are publically available.
      3. If such documents are beneficial to the management of the community, and potential buyers, what is the harm in posting them on this website for easy access?

      1. The wholesale copying and distribution of original content from another persons website without their permission is a violation of their copyright. It doesn’t matter whether you copied it from a confidential website or not, or whether it is publicly available somewhere else or not. You are in violation of copyright law.

        1. Association documents are not copyrighted and many are publicly available on government websites. In addition, non-association member real estate agents have or can get copies.

          There is a difference between a copyrighted document and a document between an owner and the Board/Management. Those are protected under Privacy provisions not Copyright.

          1. The law automatically protects a work that is created and fixed in a tangible medium of expression on or after January 1, 1978, from the moment of its creation and gives it a term lasting for the author’s life plus an additional 70 years.

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