August 26th BOD Meeting Agenda

Somersett United
Somersett United

The Somersett Owners Association(SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) will be holding their open Board meeting on Wednesday, August 26th at 5:30 PM in the Canyon View Room at The Club at Town Center.  Items the BOD will be discussing and taking action on may be accessed via the following link.

August 26 BOD Meeting Agenda

 In addition to financial and committee reports the following topics are scheduled for discussion:

  • Several Common Area maintenance issues.
  • Review of Association litigation
  • Fence containment wire – possible action
  • Review and Approval of Cross Walk Project at Somersett Pkwy and Town Square/East Park
  • Review and Approval of The Vue Architectural Guidelines
  • Review and Approval of Somersett Access to the Future Sierra Vista Park

Homeowners are encouraged to attend and ask questions or provide comments on any of the agenda topics or other issues of concern during the Homeowner comments sessions.

One thought on “August 26th BOD Meeting Agenda

  1. I think time and efforts are wasted when the master association reviews and approves the governing documents of sub-associations. Master only needs to work out the smaller details in any wording in them that might conflict with Master’s own superior wording and that can be done at the committee level (in this case, all associations have architectural committees that can jointly meet) with the sub board then approving its own document(s).

    A master association is like the federal government and sub-associations are like states.

    Much more could be accomplished regarding master’s business if subs acted like states instead of humbly running to “mother” seeking a blessing on everything and taking up her time. That would ease master’s governing burden.

    Also, if the master board would meet monthly instead of bi-monthly much more would get done and faster and in the open . Running the business (an HOA is a corporation and neither a social club nor a democracy) as large as Somersett by meeting only six times a year just doesn’t get the job done. Just what does go on in the sixty-day down period? Private meetings? Business conducted by phone and email instead of in front of owners? Decisions made before the board meetings with board action at the meeting only being a rubber stamp?

    Yes, subs are like states and association members (master and sub) are like stockholders. We owners need to watch our corporation as much as, if not more, than our investments. Where one lives and how it is run is something deserving owner attention. Not much one can do about thousand point stock market drops. A lot more can be done by participating in association matters.

    Where can owners go to see the drawings/plans for the crosswalk project that is to be approved so they can make intelligent comments on it before approval; or is it already pre-approved and the meeting vote a formality? Should Del Webb assessment money be used for something not in their geographical area and that they they won’t use? Lights, tree/bush removal, stripped pavement, signs blinking or not won’t do the trick, in my opinion. People will still jaywalk. Of course, I haven’t seen the plans but I think nothing will work other than an underground tunnel or a fenced above ground walkway/bridge.

    I don’t live in Somersett, so maybe they were, but plans for such a project should be on display at TCTC. Maybe they are, but Del Webber’s don’t go to TCTC even though their money could be used to pay for this project. Something is wrong with this picture!

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