Arrow Creek Golf Course What Next?

Somersett United
Somersett United

The firestorm in Arrow Creek over proposed acquisition of the 36 hole golf course by the Arrow Creek Homeowners Association continues to heat up. A special meeting was held for Arrow Creek homeowners wherein an Arrow Creek Committee presented a “Report and Recommendation” to purchase the golf course property with a lease back to the club operators. The Arrow Creek HOA Board subsequently approved the recommendation on a 4 to 3 basis.   This proposal has simularities to what happened here in Somersett. The plan is to submit the proposal for vote by Arrow Creek homeowners within the next 60 days.

Anyone interested in the details of the Arrow Creek proposal (e.g., for Somersett comparison purposes) may do so by clicking on the following ArrowCreek 411 website link.

Also of interest regarding the proposed purchase are Arrow Creek homeowner comments and reference articles which address pro and con impacts on property values and future association liabilities.  There are likenesses here to what has and/or can transpire within Somersett.

8 thoughts on “Arrow Creek Golf Course What Next?

  1. I hope the election will be conducted similarly to our federal elections with no election day extensions and ballots counted after the poles have closed.

  2. Buying the land around your home, and then renting it out as a golf course, was the best thing we ever did here in Somersett. And we got the land and water rights for a song. They are probably taking a cue from us. Let’s hope it works out as well for them as it did for us!

    1. When we can use some of our wholly owned 426 AF water rights to water the Somersett parkway

      – Calculations using Las Vegas water usage numbers for grass/golf courses, indicate that we only need about 200 AF to water both the C9 and the CGC –

      instead of buying potable water from TMWR (over $100K per year)

      – then it will be a good deal!

  3. To Old Joe Clark

    I posted a comment (below) pertaining to the Arrowcreek “deal” – for non-golfers who like the green ambience and park like settings, there are many options, other than a golf course.

    Hence my request to the Board to follow up on their promise of a non-golfing PLAN A

    – in the event of the bankruptcy of the SGCC – and the breaking of their “perpetual 90 year lease agreement”

    – Here a landscape architect consultant would create parks, picnic areas, recreational facilities and other uses for the 220 acres currently occupied within Somersett by the CGC – but outside the Someersett PUD. Naturally, I would anticipate the sale of certain parts of the CGC for additional housing – perhaps with private streets and gates (as Toll plan to do with area behind the Firestation, next to Sierra Canyon).

    Our golfing “friends of Arrowcreek” could reap a financial windfall from their investment if they plan for a different kind of future…one perhaps pertinent to current resident needs/wants.

    “One Response to Open Letter to ACHOA BOD From Another ArrowCreek Homeowner
    Geoffrey Brooks says:
    September 25, 2015 at 12:09 pm

    The Somersett Experience shows that subsidized golf courses appeal to all, as even most non-golfers do not want any change in community ambience.

    Subsidizing golf in Somersett costs roughly $23 per month in dues, spread over nearly 3000 property owners. The two golf courses are currently an integral part of the Somersett community.

    Arrowcreek owners who wish to live without golf, should really come up with a plan to develop the two golf courses for parkland style real estate. Properly developed another 200 or so $1 million houses could be built on the existing course. Plus the creation of recreational parks, gardens, trails and dog walking (running) would prove an economic boon to all cutrrent and future residents. I am sure that the maintanance of the common open developed parkland remaining would be a lot less than the “burden” of operating golf courses in face of declining interest in golf and the on-going demographic changes in Washoe County.

    Forcing property owners to pay for golf is un-American, and there should plans to develop all excess golf courses (failing?) into desirable residential property and parkland!

    1. The owners in ArrowCreek appear to be very knowledgeable regarding their “golf course issue.” A lot of really educated owner comments can be found on the blog Check it out unless you are sick of golf club stuff. You can even sign up to receive emails on the latest.

      Great reading and looks like a voting deadline of November 15. Which side will win?????

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