ArrowCreek Golf Course – The Heat Continues

somersett UnitedIn a previous post (ArrowCreek Golf Course – What Next, dated September 19th) we updated readers on the ArrowCreek Golf Course controversy, wherein the ArrowCreek Homeowners Association Board of Directors voted, on a 4 to 3 basis, to proceed with a plan to purchase the ArrowCreek Golf Course property for $3.3M from its owners (i.e., The Friends of Arrow Creek or FOA) and lease it back for $20K/year. The plan was to submit the proposal to a vote by Arrow Creek homeowners within the next 60 days. For complete details of the proposed plan, revisit our September 19th post and click on the referenced link.

This plan has similarities, to what happened here in Somersett, with much of the discussion related to ramifications should the golf course go bankrupt and resulting effects on community environment and homeowner assessments.  SU believes that these discussions are pertinent to our situation here in Somersett and therefore, may be of interest to our readers.

For those interested, we recommend visiting the “ArrowCreek 411” website at and accessing the following blog posts:

One thought on “ArrowCreek Golf Course – The Heat Continues

  1. If you have an 18 hole course you have a money pit. A private 18 hole course maybe, maybe you will break even. If you want a golf course to have a chance of succeeding financially than it has to be a 9 hole course. People don’t want to spend 5 plus hours beating a golf ball around. 9 holes is just as enjoyable and you can be done in 2 and a halve hours. And the 9 hole course is more affordable to the younger generation, and will cost less in the maintenance area. I have lived at the 36 hole REVERE (Dell Webb) in Henderson, the 36 hole private course in Reno and now at a 9 hole semi private in Portland, Or. This is the only course that is making money.

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