SOA Governing Documents – Update Required!

somersett UnitedThe Somersett Owner Association’s Governing Documents (e.g., CC&R’s, By-Laws, and Articles of Incorporation) have not been updated since originally generated by the Developer (i.e., Somersett Development Company, the “Declarant”).  As such, these documents are replete with references regarding the Declarant (especially the CC&R’s) and the powers vested therein.  It is high time that these documents are revised to remove all Declarant references and update to current Nevada Law governing Common Interest Communities.

In this regard, SU strongly recommends that the SOA Board of Directors form a dedicated committee of homeowners to review the SOA’s governing documents, solicit homeowner input and propose changes to be submitted for homeowner ratification.

For reference, the current SOA governing documents and policies may be accessed under the “References” tab on this website.

Comments are welcome.

5 thoughts on “SOA Governing Documents – Update Required!

  1. Sierra Canyon needs to too. Why do owners bring these kinds of things up instead of board members who work with governing documents “every day” as part of their job? Too busy scheming on how to spend owners money???

  2. Good Luck to Somersett. CC&R’s require an approving vote by 51% of the members. Bylaws require an approval vote of a majority of the members. Majority is 50% plus 1.

    Members are lot owners (one vote per lot) in Somersett, Del Webb, The Vue, and The Villages.

  3. You folks are big on making suggestions, but not so interested in doing anything personnally to make the community better. You lay up tasks for volunteers, and do nothing but criticize them for not pursuing your great ideas. If you think the meetings of the Board of Directors should be captured on video and put on-line, why don’t you do that yourself, and post them here on this free-for-all blog? Don’t expect others to do what you are unwilling to do yourselves.

  4. Old Joe – You need to chill out a bit. Homeowner suggestions to BOD, Management, and Committee Members are a good thing, even encouraged and solicited by them. Are all suggestions good ones? I guess that depends on your point of few. I bet that even you could come up with some good ones.

    Video taping Board Meetings and putting them on the Association website is a good suggestion, that is, assuming it is permitted by our governing documents and I don’t see why not. As you probably know, Board meetings are sparsely attended by homeowners, especially when held at 9:00 AM on weekdays. Therefore, more communication avenues between the BOD and Owners can only be a plus.

    Jim Haar

  5. Our governing documents need to be gone through with a fine tooth comb and updated.

    We also should look at the PUD documents and see where there are things that are now out of sync with reality 12 years after the event.

    For instance, the landscaping requirements should be reviewed with the City of Reno in light of the 4 year drought – and we do live in a desert… another example all irrigation should be carried out using drip feed (no more car washing on the Somersett Parkway).

    We currently are living in a community with governimng documents which will keep us in the past – what was good in 2003 is not necessarily relevant in 2016 – these documents need to be dynamic and change to reflecy current values – so we can stay abreast of the cities desire to “ReImagineReno” so it is not only relevant in 2030 but an inspiration to ther communities of what forward thinking and planning will achieve!

    Dan Kanyr and I had offererd to re-work all the documents (essentially to remove trhe developer, and acknowledge the ownership of the CGC) 2 years ago – but the Board was not ready back then to pull the trigger. We can see that newer parts of Somersett (Plateau by Lennar) (Boulders by Toll) re being developed to different standards as laid down in the documents… yes it is lot of work – but done right, will move us towards a progressive desirable community future…

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