TCTC Usage

The following submitted by Joe Bower – Sierra Canyon Owner

Sierra Canyon owners are not allowed to use TCTC. Sierra Canyon Board Members are Sierra Canyon owners Sierra Canyon should not be permitted to hold its workshops, or committee meetings, or even board meetings at TCTC.

Business usage, however, is different from individual usage. Perhaps the time has come for inter-board discussions regarding Sierra Canyon owners joining TCTC Clubs and Classes and vice versa at the Sierra Canyon Lodge. Not athletic facilities.

Classes, in particular, can use more participants. A suggestion has been made to allow non-Somersett owners to join Classes at TCTC with the provision that when filled and a Somersett owner wants in the last non-Somersett person to join has to drop out. The same would be true at the Sierra Canyon Lodge. Open its classes to non-Sierra Canyon owners with the last one having to drop out when a Sierra Canyon owner wants to join.

Somersett United
Somersett United

With regard to Mr. Bower’s Blog post above, SU offers the following:

Use of rooms at TCTC by Sierra Canyon entities and likewise use of rooms at Aspen Lodge by the SOA, has occurred in the past without the charging of fees by either party. This in a spirit of cooperation between the SOA and the Sub-associations.

With regard to non-TCTC members participating in Club activities, The SOA BOD recently approved such participation subject to the following guidelines: 1) Clubs are required to register all participants, 2) Non-resident participation cannot exceed 25% of Club membership, 3) Non-members may purchase a 10-punch pass for $20, and 3) this applies only to organized Club attendance and not for any other amenity usage.

SU has no update on the practice in effect at the Aspen Lodge with regard to Club participation by non-members.

Sharing of facilities between TCTC and Aspen Lodge has been the subject of much discussion in the past. This is a complex issue due to the limited size of the respective facilities, the demographic differences between senior citizen and mixed neighborhoods, assessment considerations and other factors.

Readers are encouraged to comment with their opinions

BOD Election & SOA Management Position

somersett UnitedCongratulations to Glenda Powell and David Nisenfeld who won election to the SOA Board of Director positions vacated by Chris Huff and Danielle Kirby.  The SOA BOD members now consist of:

  • Glenda Powell
  • David Nisenfeld
  • Tony Fakonas (incumbent President)
  • Susan Novell (incumbent Secretary)
  • Joe Fadrowski (incumbent Treasurer).

The new BOD will internally elect officer positions for the coming year.

Additionally, the SOA Management Company, FirstServices Residential, has added a new position to their staff. Ryan Dominguez has been hired as the Association’s Assistant Community Manager with focus on overseeing the Associations various third party contracts.  We wish Mr. Dominquez well in this new position.

ArrowCreek Golf Course – Crunch Time

somersett UnitedThe Arrow Creek Homeowners Association (ACHOA) is close to finalizing their purchase plan and CC&R modifications pertaining to their proposed purchase of the ArrowCreek Golf Course (for reference, see previous post entitled “ArrowCreek Golf Course the Heat Continues”, dated September 28). Apparently the ACHOA is targeting to have both submitted for homeowner vote sometime in December.  Needless to say this has fostered a lot of dialog, both pro and con, amongst the ArrowCreek homeowners in the past month.  Since the ArrowCreek purchase plan has similarities to what happened here in Somersett, the ongoing dialog pertaining to golf course bankruptcy, environmental impact, property values, and homeowner assessment implications may also be of interest to our readers. In this regard, we recommend visiting the “ArrowCreek 411” website at and clicking on the “Blog Summary” tab to access recent Blog Posts and corresponding comments.   In particular the following makes interesting reading:

In reading the above, the following organizations may be referenced:

  • ACHOA  –  ArrowCreek Homeowners Association
  • FOA (Friends of ArrowCreek) – Owners of the ArrowCreek Golf Course
  • ArrowCreek Truth – ArrowCreek golf club members and residents who support the purchase plan.
  • Concerned Neighbors of ArrowCreek  – Homeowners primarily opposed to the purchase.

SNPAA Holiday Event

snpaa_logoThe Sierra Nevada Performing Arts Association, a non-profit organization, focused on supporting the Performing Arts in Northern Nevada and providing Scholarships to talented students graduating from our local high schools, is pleased to invite all to their first ever:  Holiday Meet the Artist Boutique at No Cost, with optional Wine Tasting and Dinner at the Club at Arrowcreek on Sunday, December 6.  

Event details may be accessed by clicking on the following link: SNPAA Holiday Event

Featured  are works of several local artists in paintings, art glass and pottery, wood work, jewelry, candles, soaps and many other items.  All available for purchase, that will make great holiday gifts.  The Holiday shopping is free, so the more the merrier.  In addition to the holiday shopping boutique the following optional events will take place 1) Wine Tasting & Appetizers at $35/person, 2) Wine Tasting, Appetizers and Dinner with festive decorations and live entertainment at $110/person or a table for eight at $825.  Dinner Seating is limited, so if interested, confirm now.

Other 2016 SNPAA Events include:

  • April 16 – SNPAA Gala at The Grove
  • April 23- SNPAA High School Competition at Nightingale Concert Hall
  • July 30 – SNPAA Night In France Music Festival Underwriting Part
  • August 26, 27, 28 – Reno Tahoe Music Festival at Bartley Ranch, featuring Tribute Bands for Tim McGraw, Heart and Chicago, in addition to local talent.
  • December 2016 – Wine Tasting Dinner, Date and Place TBD.

Reservations may be made online for all SNPAA events by visiting their website at and clicking on the “Events” tab.

Maintenance Responsibility Somersett Trail System

somersett UnitedThere is a controversy brewing over just who is responsible for maintaining the sections of the Somersett Trail System located within the Sierra Canyon Villages. At issue is the approximately $100K in Sierra Canyon reserve funds that its Board has targeted for trail maintenance in 2016 and 2017.

Note: The Somersett Trail System is made up of various concrete, asphalt, and native dirt trails (aka paths or sidewalks) located throughout the community.  All of which, per the Somersett PUD, require accessibility by the general public.  Trail system maps are available at TCTC, Aspen Lodge, and under the SU Blog “References” tab by clicking on the following link: Somersett Trail Map

Aware Sierra Canyon owners contend that, per published documents, the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) is responsible for all trail maintenance wherever located. Therefore, the Sierra Canyon accumulation over the years of reserve funds for trial maintenance was done in error and should now be budgeted for other purposes or refunded to owners. However, this position has apparently been refuted by the SOA Board who contend that maintenance of trails located within the Sierra Canyon boundaries are the responsibility of the Sierra Canyon sub-association.

Among evidence the Sierra Canyon Association has offered in support of SOA responsibility are quotes from the following two documents:

The “MASTER DEVELOPER GENERAL BUYER DISCLOSURE” received by both Somersett and Sierra Canyon buyers states: “Trails are part of the City and County Trail program, providing access to greenbelts, open space and public lands for the community. The Association is solely responsible for construction and maintenance of these public trails within Somersett.”

The “GENERAL BUYER DISCLOSURE SIERRA CANYON BY DEL WEBB AT SOMERSETT” received only by Sierra Canyon buyers states: “Trails are part of the city and county trail program, providing access to greenbelts, open space and public lands for the community. The Master Association is solely responsible for construction and maintenance of these public trails within Somersett.”

Note that the only difference between the two is the inclusion of the term “Master Association” in the Sierra Canyon buyer’s document. However, per the Somersett CC&R’s, the term “Association” means the SOA, which is synonymous with the term Master Association.

Obviously, the two Boards need to get together and pinpoint trail maintenance responsibility.  That potentially puts any SOA Board members who are also Sierra Canyon owners in a conflict of interest position of having to recuse themselves.

Anyone with strong concerns about this issue is encouraged to make them known to your respective Board members. Comments are also welcomed on the SU Blog.

SU thanks Joe Bower, Sierra Canyon owner, for his contributions to this article.

Annual Homeowner Meeting

somersett UnitedThe Annual Somersett Homeowner meeting will commence on Wednesday, November 18, 4:00 PM at The Club at Town Center.

Agenda Items:

  1.  BOD Election Ballot Counting  – Vote tallying will begin at 4:00 PM and is expected to be complete by 5:00 PM, with balance of meeting starting by 5:15 PM.
  2. Approval of 2014 Annual Homeowner Meeting Minutes.
  3. 2016 Budget Ratification – Ratification of the 2016 Budget previously mailed to all Somersett Homeowners. A foregone conclusion given that it takes 75% of all voting owners to reject it.
  4. Announcement of Election Results.
  5. Homeowner Open Forum.

If you have not yet submitted your BOD ballots, please remember to do so.  For convenience, ballot boxes are located at both TCTC and Aspen Lodge.

SOA Document Copyright Infringement? – Revisited

Somersett United
Somersett United

The following quote (attributed to Committee member Samuel Novel) was extracted from the last published SOA Communication Committee Meeting Recap (i.e., September 15).

“Samuel asked Susan about the Board challenging the Somersett United website and their use of copying association documents from the association’s secured website to their public site. Somersett United should be using a link to the association’s website to ensure owners are logging in to review association documentation. The committee discussed the association’s ability to copyright each document and potentially submitted a complaint to the host site of Somersett United for copyright infringement. Susan and Lauren will work with the attorney and board members for further action and pursuit. “

This issue has been addressed in the past (i.e., see post of August 2015 entitled “SOA Document Copyright Infringement?”), wherein this website defended its right to publish Association documents (e.g., those contained under the Reference tab of this website), as having been made publicly available and not restricted for re-publishing under any copyright infringement laws. In fact the Association’s governing documents are readily available to any realtors or prospective Somersett buyers.  Additionally, in many incidents, SU has referenced readers to the Association website for more complete information regarding Association documents and/or business.

As previously stated, there is certainly no malice or profit intended in the re-publishing of Association documents, rather it is for the convenience of our readers.  Especially given that most of these documents are not available on the Association’s website, but only on the FirstService Residential website, wherein they are very difficult to find.

Perhaps Committeeman Novel could explain what he believes the harm to the Association is by publishing these documents on this website.   Surely the Association has better use of discretionary funds than pursuing this issue with the Association’s attorneys.  That said, it has been two months since Committeeman Novell’s request and to date this website has not received any communication from the Association or its Agents regarding such.

Needless to say, Somersett United does not see what the fuss is all about. Could it be that Committeeman Novel has some other axe to grind with Somersett United?

West Park Town Hall Meeting

somersett UnitedThe Somersett West Park Committee will be holding Town Hall Meetings at The Club at Town Center for all homeowners as follows:

Friday, November 6, 4:00-5:00 pm and Saturday, November 7, 9:30-10:30 am

Per the Committee announcement “These meetings will feature an introduction to the West Park Committee, the future park area, as well as an overview of current conceptual ideas.”

Regarding conceptual ideas, three sub-committees were formed to investigate and report on the following proposed uses:

A Community Garden  –  A Dog Park  –  A Children’s Play Area.

All three sub-committees have prepared a report on the above proposed uses, which will most likely be presented at the Town Hall Meeting, hopefully via handouts.

For those readers who have log-in access to the website, the complete sub-committee reports are available under the “SOA/News and Documents” tab and clicking on the “September 10 West Park RECAP”

Note that  it was previously reported, that the City of Reno advised construction on the West Park will not likely begin before 2018. Apparently because Toll Brothers, who owns adjacent land will need to construct roadways before work can commence.

As the West Park will be a valuable addition to the Sommersett community, homeowners are encouraged to attend and participate in the discussions.