SOA Document Copyright Infringement? – Revisited

Somersett United
Somersett United

The following quote (attributed to Committee member Samuel Novel) was extracted from the last published SOA Communication Committee Meeting Recap (i.e., September 15).

“Samuel asked Susan about the Board challenging the Somersett United website and their use of copying association documents from the association’s secured website to their public site. Somersett United should be using a link to the association’s website to ensure owners are logging in to review association documentation. The committee discussed the association’s ability to copyright each document and potentially submitted a complaint to the host site of Somersett United for copyright infringement. Susan and Lauren will work with the attorney and board members for further action and pursuit. “

This issue has been addressed in the past (i.e., see post of August 2015 entitled “SOA Document Copyright Infringement?”), wherein this website defended its right to publish Association documents (e.g., those contained under the Reference tab of this website), as having been made publicly available and not restricted for re-publishing under any copyright infringement laws. In fact the Association’s governing documents are readily available to any realtors or prospective Somersett buyers.  Additionally, in many incidents, SU has referenced readers to the Association website for more complete information regarding Association documents and/or business.

As previously stated, there is certainly no malice or profit intended in the re-publishing of Association documents, rather it is for the convenience of our readers.  Especially given that most of these documents are not available on the Association’s website, but only on the FirstService Residential website, wherein they are very difficult to find.

Perhaps Committeeman Novel could explain what he believes the harm to the Association is by publishing these documents on this website.   Surely the Association has better use of discretionary funds than pursuing this issue with the Association’s attorneys.  That said, it has been two months since Committeeman Novell’s request and to date this website has not received any communication from the Association or its Agents regarding such.

Needless to say, Somersett United does not see what the fuss is all about. Could it be that Committeeman Novel has some other axe to grind with Somersett United?

West Park Town Hall Meeting

somersett UnitedThe Somersett West Park Committee will be holding Town Hall Meetings at The Club at Town Center for all homeowners as follows:

Friday, November 6, 4:00-5:00 pm and Saturday, November 7, 9:30-10:30 am

Per the Committee announcement “These meetings will feature an introduction to the West Park Committee, the future park area, as well as an overview of current conceptual ideas.”

Regarding conceptual ideas, three sub-committees were formed to investigate and report on the following proposed uses:

A Community Garden  –  A Dog Park  –  A Children’s Play Area.

All three sub-committees have prepared a report on the above proposed uses, which will most likely be presented at the Town Hall Meeting, hopefully via handouts.

For those readers who have log-in access to the website, the complete sub-committee reports are available under the “SOA/News and Documents” tab and clicking on the “September 10 West Park RECAP”

Note that  it was previously reported, that the City of Reno advised construction on the West Park will not likely begin before 2018. Apparently because Toll Brothers, who owns adjacent land will need to construct roadways before work can commence.

As the West Park will be a valuable addition to the Sommersett community, homeowners are encouraged to attend and participate in the discussions.