Maintenance Responsibility Somersett Trail System

somersett UnitedThere is a controversy brewing over just who is responsible for maintaining the sections of the Somersett Trail System located within the Sierra Canyon Villages. At issue is the approximately $100K in Sierra Canyon reserve funds that its Board has targeted for trail maintenance in 2016 and 2017.

Note: The Somersett Trail System is made up of various concrete, asphalt, and native dirt trails (aka paths or sidewalks) located throughout the community.  All of which, per the Somersett PUD, require accessibility by the general public.  Trail system maps are available at TCTC, Aspen Lodge, and under the SU Blog “References” tab by clicking on the following link: Somersett Trail Map

Aware Sierra Canyon owners contend that, per published documents, the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) is responsible for all trail maintenance wherever located. Therefore, the Sierra Canyon accumulation over the years of reserve funds for trial maintenance was done in error and should now be budgeted for other purposes or refunded to owners. However, this position has apparently been refuted by the SOA Board who contend that maintenance of trails located within the Sierra Canyon boundaries are the responsibility of the Sierra Canyon sub-association.

Among evidence the Sierra Canyon Association has offered in support of SOA responsibility are quotes from the following two documents:

The “MASTER DEVELOPER GENERAL BUYER DISCLOSURE” received by both Somersett and Sierra Canyon buyers states: “Trails are part of the City and County Trail program, providing access to greenbelts, open space and public lands for the community. The Association is solely responsible for construction and maintenance of these public trails within Somersett.”

The “GENERAL BUYER DISCLOSURE SIERRA CANYON BY DEL WEBB AT SOMERSETT” received only by Sierra Canyon buyers states: “Trails are part of the city and county trail program, providing access to greenbelts, open space and public lands for the community. The Master Association is solely responsible for construction and maintenance of these public trails within Somersett.”

Note that the only difference between the two is the inclusion of the term “Master Association” in the Sierra Canyon buyer’s document. However, per the Somersett CC&R’s, the term “Association” means the SOA, which is synonymous with the term Master Association.

Obviously, the two Boards need to get together and pinpoint trail maintenance responsibility.  That potentially puts any SOA Board members who are also Sierra Canyon owners in a conflict of interest position of having to recuse themselves.

Anyone with strong concerns about this issue is encouraged to make them known to your respective Board members. Comments are also welcomed on the SU Blog.

SU thanks Joe Bower, Sierra Canyon owner, for his contributions to this article.

12 thoughts on “Maintenance Responsibility Somersett Trail System

  1. It is quite clear that Somersett is responsible for the maintenance of the trail system in Sierra Canyon. The owners in Sierra Canyon pay The Somersett master $78 monthly in HOA fees to pay for the maintenance of the common areas.The trail system is a common area that Somersett is responsible for. Just typical Somersett they want our money but does not want to do anything for us in Sierra Canyon.

  2. If anyone cares to look, the two referenced documents are in a 3-inch binder titled Home Purchase Documents that at least I got from Pulte when I closed. Look on page 16 in the first document and on page 21 in the second. These documents were the last two in my binder.

    Wonder why our board wasn’t on this years ago? Thank goodness at least one of our association members in interested in this stuff. It’s only money, but why spend what you don’t have to? Just think our dues could have been a little lower all these years!

    With Joe Fadrowsky probably out and same with Glenda Powell if she gets elected (as she most likely will), its up to our board president Dennis Crabb to lead the way accompanied by our association lawyer (Gayle Kern is her name I think).

    Anyway this matter is now out in the open.

  3. It appears that the SOA is only too eager to come to the rescue of the golf course which applys to only a few residents where as the many residents who use the trails are ignored. Typical of the SOA’s attitude towards the average resident.

  4. kcnavas said

    Ever since 2004 all brochures and homeowners manual state that these trails in Sierra Canyon are the responssibilty of Somersett. The Signs on the trail heads say trails by Somersett..
    What else is their to know. Somersett is responsible for maintenance.

  5. To Pat – Suing Somersett – not Sierra Canyon, not The Vue, not The Villages, not the City, not the County.

    To Ken – Any owner can read what the documents say, like your have, thank you, as they are written in black & white for “ordinary” home buyers to read as part of their purchase documents. Don’t need to stretch this ad nauseam with fancy-dancy legal opinions and fees paid out of our dues.

    Appreciate your comments. Hope board members read this post/comments.

  6. Why would a Board Member bother to visit this website? This is not a legitimate channel of communication to the Board.

  7. Just came back from warmer climes – brrrr
    Not sure anyone would be out on the trails (if you can find them in the snow)

    However, Mr “OLD JOE” one thing missing, is a way to openly communicate with OUR “Owners Association?”, and offer opinions, suggestions, post queries. The Board by not reading comments here, are delinquent in their duties to serve the 1200 + Somersetters (I have been told) who receive and open SU posts.

    Why is the SU blog site not on MYSomersett (maybe it is?), but trying to get in and find anything other than kids activities and golf is extremely difficult! Shame on the association for being so unfriendly and uninterested in the nearly 3000 association members. Why can’t we have an open portal where community issues are discussed?

    EXAMPLE – SU just sent out a timely recap on the 12/9 Board Meeting – you cant find any of that information on MySomersett.
    WHY NOT….

    Ah, to be back at in my Green Grass of Home…
    (why is it all white?)

  8. I seriously doubt this blog has 1200 readers. From what I have seen, it’s the same handful of folks, commenting on their own posts and praising themselves for writing their own articles using different handles. Many of the folks reading this blog don’t even live in Somersett (this is the world wide web). An anonymous blog run by a hobbyist on a hosted-for-free basis is not a reliable information source. This blog gives our community a bad name.

    1. Some information about our citizens concerns/questions should be posted on MySomersett – why can’t we find any news about what happened at the Board Meeting on that web site?

      What ever happened to customer service for paying customers?

      It would be nice to hear more about how the association plans to deal with the drought (sprinklers agogo – and the grass is not green), crime, poor maintenance, poorly marked roads, dangerous crossings, snow removal issues, fiscal update on the private Country Club, and other aspects – this should be a focal point in Somersett Living…

      Perhaps “OLD JOE” could pass on community concerns/issues to MYSomersett?? – which is what I mostly see in this blog. Letters to the Association seem to disappear into the “HOA BLACK HOLE” (though Hawking radiation has been recently observed – hope for us?)

  9. Perhaps you could pass that information on yourself. That’s the problem with people on this website. They want to complain about things and let other people fix them. They won’t lift a finger to help themselves or the community.

    1. Old Joe

      You are the one reading this site – and – are happy to inform all that the Board should not read this site and it is a gathering of ill-formed opinion, and has limited viewing. Conversely, the MySomersett site is poorly designed and user unfriendly – we have been told that this will be improved.

      Where do you find information “as posted by a Sierra Canyon resident” concerning materials for fencing – rules and enforcement are fine, but how about helping those change into compliance by recommending companies who can uninstall and re-install the correct wires…surely the Board should provide help to ensure compliance with community standards (which is good)…. Now tell where this is on MYSomersett?

      I am surprised that we have to maintain our lawns to higher standard to that of the Parkway…

      Asking the Board for help or remedies directly on issues seems to be a “B:ACK HOLE” – nothing comes back (so I have been told). Perhaps we should go directly to RenoDirect

      More snow and more sidewalk shoveling to do!! ah for warmer weather so we can see our beautiful green grass again…

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