ArrowCreek Golf Course – Crunch Time

somersett UnitedThe Arrow Creek Homeowners Association (ACHOA) is close to finalizing their purchase plan and CC&R modifications pertaining to their proposed purchase of the ArrowCreek Golf Course (for reference, see previous post entitled “ArrowCreek Golf Course the Heat Continues”, dated September 28). Apparently the ACHOA is targeting to have both submitted for homeowner vote sometime in December.  Needless to say this has fostered a lot of dialog, both pro and con, amongst the ArrowCreek homeowners in the past month.  Since the ArrowCreek purchase plan has similarities to what happened here in Somersett, the ongoing dialog pertaining to golf course bankruptcy, environmental impact, property values, and homeowner assessment implications may also be of interest to our readers. In this regard, we recommend visiting the “ArrowCreek 411” website at and clicking on the “Blog Summary” tab to access recent Blog Posts and corresponding comments.   In particular the following makes interesting reading:

In reading the above, the following organizations may be referenced:

  • ACHOA  –  ArrowCreek Homeowners Association
  • FOA (Friends of ArrowCreek) – Owners of the ArrowCreek Golf Course
  • ArrowCreek Truth – ArrowCreek golf club members and residents who support the purchase plan.
  • Concerned Neighbors of ArrowCreek  – Homeowners primarily opposed to the purchase.

One thought on “ArrowCreek Golf Course – Crunch Time

  1. Thanks to SU for posting this. Too bad we went first. We could have learned from the ArrowCreek discussions. Can’t wait to see how their vote comes out. Wonder if they will have extended deadlines.

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