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The following submitted by Joe Bower – Sierra Canyon Owner

Sierra Canyon owners are not allowed to use TCTC. Sierra Canyon Board Members are Sierra Canyon owners Sierra Canyon should not be permitted to hold its workshops, or committee meetings, or even board meetings at TCTC.

Business usage, however, is different from individual usage. Perhaps the time has come for inter-board discussions regarding Sierra Canyon owners joining TCTC Clubs and Classes and vice versa at the Sierra Canyon Lodge. Not athletic facilities.

Classes, in particular, can use more participants. A suggestion has been made to allow non-Somersett owners to join Classes at TCTC with the provision that when filled and a Somersett owner wants in the last non-Somersett person to join has to drop out. The same would be true at the Sierra Canyon Lodge. Open its classes to non-Sierra Canyon owners with the last one having to drop out when a Sierra Canyon owner wants to join.

Somersett United
Somersett United

With regard to Mr. Bower’s Blog post above, SU offers the following:

Use of rooms at TCTC by Sierra Canyon entities and likewise use of rooms at Aspen Lodge by the SOA, has occurred in the past without the charging of fees by either party. This in a spirit of cooperation between the SOA and the Sub-associations.

With regard to non-TCTC members participating in Club activities, The SOA BOD recently approved such participation subject to the following guidelines: 1) Clubs are required to register all participants, 2) Non-resident participation cannot exceed 25% of Club membership, 3) Non-members may purchase a 10-punch pass for $20, and 3) this applies only to organized Club attendance and not for any other amenity usage.

SU has no update on the practice in effect at the Aspen Lodge with regard to Club participation by non-members.

Sharing of facilities between TCTC and Aspen Lodge has been the subject of much discussion in the past. This is a complex issue due to the limited size of the respective facilities, the demographic differences between senior citizen and mixed neighborhoods, assessment considerations and other factors.

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