December 9th BOD Meeting Summary

somersett UnitedFollowing is a summary of some of the more significant items discussed and/or acted upon at the December 9th BOD open meeting.  Agenda items are indicated.  For all agenda items, click on the following link: December 9 BOD Agenda

Organizational Setup

Election of BOD Officers (3.a)

  • President – Susan Novell
  • Treasurer – Joe Fadrowsky
  • Secretary – Glenda Powell
  • Vice Presidents – Tony Fakonas and David Nisenfeld

Appointment of Primary BOD Committee Liaisons (3.b)

  • Communication – David Nisenfeld
  • Finance & Budget – Joe Fadrowsky
  • Strategic Planning – Tony Fakonas
  • Aesthetic Guidelines – Susan Novell
  • Community Standards – Glenda Powell
  • West Park – Susan Novell
  • Non-Committee Liaisons: Somersett Country Club – Susan Novell, TCTC – David Nisenfeld

Review and Approval of Requested Sierra Canyon Sub-Association Agreements (8.a)

Sierra Canyon is requesting that formal agreements between Sierra Canyon and the SOA Master Association be adopted to resolve issues regarding the following:

  1. Public Trail Maintenance – Sierra Canyon contends that, per association governing documents, the SOA is responsible for maintaining all public trails located within Sierra Canyon and should formally acknowledge and assume this responsibility beginning January 1, 2015.
  2. Architectural Review Delegation –  A request to review and formalize the current agreement
  3. Transfer Fees – This pertains to monies obtained from Developers by the SOA whenever a new home is built. The SOA has accumulated approximately $150K related to homes built in Sierra Canyon. The Sierra Canyon BOD is requesting the formation of a sub-committee of SOA and Sierra Canyon BOD members to discuss application of these funds to Sierra Canyon projects.
  4. Containment Fencing – A request to formally approve the Containment Fencing guidelines adopted by Sierra Canyon in 2013.
  5. Common Area Landscaping – The SOA is responsible for maintenance of common area landscaping along the Parkways within Sierra Canyon. The issue being what constitutes the SOA responsible landscape boundaries? Apparently this has never been specifically defined.  The request being that the two associations work together with a surveyor to define and document agreed upon areas of responsibility.

After significant discussions, no approval actions were taken on the above pending further reviews and meetings between the two associations.  Items 1) and 5) were identified as the priority issues with the intent of agreement approvals at the January 14 SOA BOD Meeting.

Review and Approval of Management Contract with FirstService Residential (8.c)

Renewal of the Management Contract was unanimously approved subject to some agreed upon modifications.

Review and Approval of Canyon Nine Maintenance Contract (8.d)

Bids were received from the Somersett Country Club ($286K) and the Groundskeeper ($252K).  The BOD voted unanimously to accept the Somersett Country Club (current vendor) proposal despite the $34K difference. This following a Board members expressed concern that Groundskeeper did not reference any local expert on golf club grounds maintenance and that their equipment list was not as specialized as the Country Clubs.

Review and Approval of Common Area Landscape Services Contracts (8.e)

The SOA request for proposal was broken down into four sections: 1) Common Area Landscape Services, 2) Tree Care, 3) Trail/Path Maintenance, and 4) Irrigation Control.

Bids were received from Groundskeeper (current vendor), Signature Landscapes and Reno Green Landscaping for all four sections. Two other companies only submitted bids for items 2) and 4) respectively. Totals (annual amount) for vendors bidding all four sections were:  Groundskeeper – $714K, Signature – $778K and Reno Green – $933K. Approvals were deferred until the January 14 BOD meeting to allow more time to review price breakdowns and the impact on use of single vs multiple vendors.

Miscellaneous Contract Approvals (8.f, g, h, i)

Various contracts pertaining to standard association business were unanimously approved. These included: 1) Common area fence repair, 2) Somersett Parkway shelf cleaning and boulder removal, 3) SOA website support services and,  4) IBS Point of Sale service for TCTC.

Review and Approval of Funds for 2016 Survey Incentive (8.m)

The Communication Committee is preparing a new and more comprehensive owner survey to be conducted in February 2016.  As an incentive for owners to participate, a prize up to $700 in value will be given, via raffle, to a winning participant.

Review and Approval of Committee Recommendations (8.n)

The BOD approved a Communication Committee recommendation for a “Communications Director” position within FirstService Residential.  This subject to the review and approval of a detailed position description.

Usage of TCTC by Sierra Canyon BOD (8.o)

A Sierra Canyon owner had questioned the use of the TCTC by Sierra Canyon for Board or Committee Meetings.  Apparently under the premise that Sierra Canyon owners are not members of the TCTC and hence should not have such access.  The SOA ruled that granting use of TCTC for Sierra Canyon meetings was within their purview and not an issue.  They advised that granting such use will only be done as long as it does not impact any TCTC activities.