Sierra Canyon Security

Submitted by Joe Geer  –  Sierra Canyon

Fellow Residents,

We made our choice to reside here for various reasons, but particularly I’m certain we all had a sense of security in mind. One thing I learned in my military service of 24 years was to expect what I would tolerate from both my Soldiers and my leadership. They are one in the same as they both foster whether there will be success or failure.

Tolerance of crime statistics being either high or low based on demographics is a false sense of security. As I mentioned in an email to some fellow residents, would one murder in Sierra Canyon by break in be acceptable to our tax paying community ? I will not insult any of your intelligence. As a whole, we as a community generate a large revenue for both the county and city. We deserve the very best of what law enforcement can put in place. If you are willing to accept that as a whole that we are low on the bar of crime in Reno, then as I’ve always said, what an old boss use to say to me as a Quality Manager in Aerospace manufacturing, you deserve what you will tolerate. We need representation at the next city council that they justify no police presence in our community based on the revenue generated by our taxes and buying power.

Again, we deserve what we will tolerate !

2 thoughts on “Sierra Canyon Security

  1. We have a city councillor residing in Somersett – Neoma Jardin

    We have two resident representatives on Ward 5 Neighborhood Advisory Board
    Unfortunately – we are a very small part of the Ward 5 area (all the way to UNR + Verdi)

    I guess each Ward has about 40,000 residents – so the 4000 or so in Somersett needs are possibly lost in the big picture.

    When I moved here we had 24/7 security – and there was a promise that we would possibly be fully gated when complete. Unfortunately the Great Recession took away the security and we still have a way to go for our property values to recover, a process which could be slowed down by crime…

    Joe – Contact RenoDirect for help…

  2. While we have a City Council member living here and some representatives of the Advisory Board the individual homeowners are also responsible for the security of their property. When you have absentee homeowners who doesn’t even bother to have their driveways plowed or their sidewalks shoveled in not helping deter break-ins. Every body has to do their share in security even the absentee homeowners. I know if I don’t shovel my neighbor’s sidewalks they stay covered with snow until it melts. Even driving up the driveway isn’t a deterrent if it just shows tire tracks with a space before the door and no footprints. That’s kind of a giveaway that no one is home.

    My house is secured and I take extra measures like a pole in my sliding glass door and other measures.

    Just my opinion.

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