TCTC Pool Solar Heaters?

Somersett United
Somersett United

Should installation of Solar Heaters for The Club at Town Center (TCTC) pools be a subject of consideration by the new SOA Board?  This based on the following as stated on page 1-6 of the duly approved and recorded Somersett Planned Unit Development (PUD) document #3738228.

“Green Plan Amendments

10.  To encourage and again lead by example the Club at Town Center pools shall have a thermal solar pool heater installed within 1 year of approval of the PUD Amendment.”

Obviously the preceding has never been implemented, and when this issue was raised before previous SOA Boards, no action was ever taken, nor a definitive reason given.  For example, identification of any subsequent PUD provisions or other documentation  that would excuse the Developer from performing this requirement.

Given the above ,  SU believes there is an obligation on the part of the SOA Board to obtain estimates for installation of said solar pool  heaters, and subsequently go after the Somersett Developer (Somersett Development Co, LLC) for funding.  Failing this, the question arises as to whether or not this is a requirement or a worthwhile endeavor to accomplish with SOA funding.

3 thoughts on “TCTC Pool Solar Heaters?

  1. The installation of the thermal solar pool heater is the long past due responsibility of the Somersett developer, Mr. Blake Smith. His feet need to be held to the fire until he fulfills his obligation.

    Beyond a thermal pool heater, now is the time for the Board to step up to the plate and start the process which will end up with solar panels supplying electricity to the rest of the TCTC facility.

    I don’t know the difference between a thermal solar pool heater and a solar panel? Someone help me out.

    Since solar panels can heat the pools, perhaps Mr. Smith can be encouraged to pay the dollar equivalent amount he would pay to put in the thermal solar pool heater towards the overall solar panel project.

    Now is the time to act keeping in mind any tax incentives and their expiration dates for installing solar panels.

    I encourage two Somersett Board members (that keeps it below quorum) to visit Sun City Lincoln Hills by Del Webb in Lincoln, California. This past October their project to install a 1.1 mw Sunpower System with a 6 year ROI was completed. It provides electricity to their Lodge which includes an indoor pool, a fitness center, a sports bar, a restaurant, and outdoor pools.

    I am sure Somersett can learn some great lessons from them!

    PS Sierra Canyon could too!!!

  2. Looks like the Nevada Public Utilities Commission has dealt a body blow to the future of solar panels in our State. Under pressure from electric utilities, the Commission members have voted to change the rules governing net metering (too complicated to explain here) that allows private home electricity generators to sell back any excess electricity their panels generate back into the market at retail prices instead of the now wholesale prices.
    I still don’t know what a thermal solar pool heater is, but if not part of this solar panel matter, having it installed at the Somersett outdoor pools still needs to be pursued.

  3. I heard on January 4th, that due to the threat by Solar City to close down operations in NV – that the PUC are re-considering…Their proposed changes are not in line with the Paris 2015 accords. I would have thought building a new carbon burning1MV generating system for Las Vegas an “almost criminal” activity! Most of their costs are “sunk”, and here in Reno the developers pay the connection charges for new construction to the existing infra-structure.

    Installation of solar hot water heaters should not cost more than $50K – the benefits would be reduced operating costs, a saving possibly of $3-5K per year in heating costs (payback time 10 years). Plus most importantly for the residents an extra 3 months of swimming activity per year !!!

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