Common Area and Trail System Maintenance

somersett UnitedThe responsibility for landscaping the common areas, and for trail maintenance, throughout the Somersett Master Association including its sub-Associations is the documented responsibility of the Master Association (i.e., the SOA). Unfortunately, this has not been adhered to these past years. Is it time to right the ship? Sierra Canyon thinks so, as witnessed at the last SOA Board Meeting wherein an agenda item “Review and Approval of Requested Sierra Canyon Sub-Association Agreements” specifically addressed  the SOA’s responsibility in these areas along with some proposed actions submitted by a Sierra Canyon Board member.

To get a more complete understanding on these two important issues, please click on the following link for an article prepared and submitted courtesy of Mr. Joe Bower, a Sierra Canyon Owner.

Common Area Landscaping and Trail Maintenance

After reading the above, you may wish to contact your respective Board members with your comments so that decisions that affect what you, your guests, and prospective homebuyers can’t help but see and walking on, are correctly made.


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