Security Cameras for Sierra Canyon?

somersett UnitedThe following status on Sierra Canyon security issues provided courtesy of Sierra Canyon homeowner Michael Ferrell.

As a result of recent robberies, a homeowner initiated petition has been circulated calling for installation of security cameras at strategic locations within Sierra Canyon. This signed proposal will be presented to the Sierra Canyon BOD at the January 13th Board Meeting.

The petition circulators have confirmed with the City Attorney’s office and the Code Enforcement Department that there are no restrictions, fees, permits or regulations pertaining to installing security cameras that record public streets. Therefore, installation of cameras at both Sierra Canyon entrance/exits would be perfectly legal. Estimates were solicited and received from Reno commercial alarm companies that range from $11K-$14K, plus some nominal additional costs.

In addition to the Security Camera initiative, another Sierra Canyon homeowner, Mike Lehr, contacted Reno City officials about the recent burglary situation, and the apparent lack of police follow-up. This gained the attention of Ward 5 Councilwoman Naome Jardon, which resulted in an offer to schedule a community meeting at Aspen Lodge to discuss public safety issues. Date has not yet been announced.

Sierra Canyon homeowners are encouraged to attend the 5:30 PM Board Meeting on January 13 and express their support for the Security Camera initiative.

As a side note, Sommersett residents may want to consider signing up for AlertID at This is a totally free website that alerts one to crimes in your neighborhood with details and location maps. It is helpful to know what is going on in your neighborhood!

3 thoughts on “Security Cameras for Sierra Canyon?

  1. I signed up for AlertID years ago when it first came out. AlertID is very good at notifying via email after an incident has occurred nearby your location, e.g. horse is out of the barn. However, there is no follow-up on whatever happened, e.g. horse found. Lack of follow-up caused me to drop the service.

    Other examples, (1) Car Stolen at Town Center. Never find out if/when recovered or who did it or how thief penalized (2) Burglary at xxxx Street. Never told how break-in was accomplished, what was taken, if/when suspects caught.

  2. Cameras may not be the Only and Final Answer, but cameras are one attempt as a deterrent. Those not wanting to be video taped may a the least think twice before doing their mischief.
    Announce over and over we have cameras placed everywhere.
    And for goodness sake DO NOT give locations.
    Not even that we are moving them, which would indicate only a few are placed.
    Simply announce many cameras are now watching !

  3. Down here in CA, the local police have found the installation of infrared game-type cameras on, for example stop sign posts, have helped solve crimes by capturing those cars not normally in the neighborhood. They are not sophisticated but are like the cameras you buy from Cabelas to sight game at all hours of the night or day. This is a cost effective alternative or addition to security cameras. The police should be initiating these efforts once there is a pattern of crime in an area. The police check the downloads weekly and we have found them to be very effective. Many neighborhoods in the Walnut Creek/Lafayette area have several installed.

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