SGCC Clubhouse Construction

somersett UnitedAs reported in the January 20 issue of the Reno Gazette Journal:

“Somersett Golf & Country Club:  Will begin construction this Spring with a grand opening planned for Spring of 2017. The 17,853 square-foot clubhouse will complement the style of the Somersett community and feature multiple dining areas, a bar, golf shop, locker rooms, members-only lounge, a multi-use room, meeting room, kitchen, offices as well as an outdoor patio and underground cart and bag storage.”

Given that this is most likely being financed (at least in part) by the $2.75M of Somersett Owners Association money paid to the  Country Club for purchase and lease back of the Country Club land, one wonders why this has not been publically disclosed by the Somersett Board to homeowners, who obviously have a vested interest in it.  Under the Country Club Purchase Agreement, Somersett homeowners will enjoy access to the new clubhouse, with the exception of the “member’s only lounge”.

8 thoughts on “SGCC Clubhouse Construction

  1. Not sure what you mean by “publicly disclosed” as this was fully discussed during the purchase process which by the way passed by nearly a 90% vote.

  2. Yogiwan,

    Although it was common knowledge among some, construction of a SGCC clubhouse using the SOA’s $2.75M was certainly not “fully discussed” at the BOD presentation meetings, nor was the timing of such. But that is beside the point, this is all history and the SU article is simply about communicating current status on the SGCC’s plans in this regard. Perhaps if the Association employed better communication techniques, this article, and perhaps this website, would not be necessary.

    P.S. Your 90% approval statement is also a stretch, it was not this lopsided, as you should well know.

  3. Whoa! Where does the 90% figure come from?????? As I remember the percentage needed to pass was barely made and that only after the Board extended the voting deadline several times and was opening ballots on a weekly basis. This was a difficult win for the “winners.”

    BTW I checked with the City yesterday and no plans from the Club have yet been received. I doubt construction will start this spring which is upon us faster than than City approval process can run.

    1. Votes were cast representing 1,891 units. Votes numbered over 2 to 1 in favor of the purchase. This is the largest turnout for any vote ever cast in Somersett. The residents of Somersett clearly favored the purchase by an overwhelming majority. It was very “lopsided” in favor of the acquisition, as you should well know.

      1. Old Joe is right in that Somersett homeowners voted heavily in favor for purchase of the SGCC land and water rights, with a 90 year leaseback to the SGCC. That is why we all have a vested interest in the SGCC’s financial status. Something the SOA BOD or the SGCC seem unwilling to share. According to the SGCC’s published financials (required by the IRS for non-profits) for years the 2012, 2013 and 2014, the SGCC would have had significant operating deficits had it not been for the SOA assessment subsidies, which they no longer receive. Therefore, with only 200 equity members, to not have deficits moving forward is problematic. Perhaps they can make it up with preview members, perhaps some of the $2.75M from the SOA purchase will be put in reserves to offset deficits, perhaps the new clubhouse will attract additional members, or perhaps they will attempt to go to the SOA well again.

        Whatever the case, it will be interesting to see the SGCC’s 2015 financial statement when it becomes publically available (most likely around June 2016 unless voluntary released to homeowners by the SGCC).

  4. During town halls prior to SOA buying the golf course Tony Fakonas was asked more than once about SGCC using their sale proceeds to build a clubhouse. He always said he did not know what SGCC’s plans for the funds were. Also I do not recall any spokesman for SGCC talking about using the proceeds to fund a building. Plans for a clubhouse were not “fully discussed.

  5. As an architect, I would like to make some constructive suggestions to the Somersett residents and owners of the CGC…

    Pity there are no plans available for the public to peruse…

    So, just dont build a white elephant which will end up as a vandalized community eyesore –

    Examples: See the abysmal looking Club house on the Old Northgate course; go and look at the abandoned club house at D’Andrea…and consider that the FOA tell us that the Arrowcreek clubhouse is falling down and in need of rennovation.

    When Golf Country Club’s fail or start to fail, the first things to go are the buildings, then the course…..eyesores in Somersett?

    The new club house should be designed as a part of an appartment complex, where the club house has half dozen pleasent 2-3 bedroom apts. built on top. If there are residents living there, the building will be maintained and perhaps, not be become an eyesore.

    How do we know the new club house will be in sync with Somersett – the private country club and golf course is outside the HOA and PUD….

    Maybe we should request that they build pyramids to celebrate the decline and fall of golf.

    As an architect I can make some really “off-the-wall” suggestions – all it takes is money and common sense.

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