SOA Board and Committee Communications

somersett UnitedSomersett United would like to commend SOA Board president Susan Novell for her January 20th “From the Presidents Desk” email to Somersett owners summarizing  decisions made at the January 14th BOD Meeting. To our knowledge this is the first time for an owner email communication that recaps Board Meeting results.  Perhaps our Communication Committees will also follow suit.

A couple items not covered in the Presidents email were decisions pertaining to the SGCC regarding the awarding of a maintenance contract for the Canyon9 golf course and a minor boundary line adjustment on retained land not covered by the purchase agreement (see previous SU Post “January 14th SOA BOD Meeting Recap” dated January 15th).

In previous articles, SU has criticized the SOA Board and Committees for the lack of communication on their activities and decisions that affect us all. Therefore, the Presidents email and purported changes to the associations’ website, which will incorporate improved owner communications, are welcome news. We will see.  Perhaps they can take some token of measure from this website.