Time to Caucus – Support Your Candidate !

Somersett United
Somersett United

The Nevada Caucuses

For those of you who have not previously attended a caucus, the Nevada caucuses are an election process wherein registered voters meet in precinct caucuses by political party (e.g., Republican or Democrat) to elect delegates to the party’s county convention. The county conventions then elect delegates to state conventions, which in turn elect delegates for the national convention. In addition to the delegate elections, straw polls are generally taken at the precinct caucuses to indicate attendee presidential preferences, which are released to the media.

The caucus process for the Republican and Democrat parties do not follow the same rules. For a detailed explanation of how they work, the reader is referred to the following Reno Gazette Journal article, which may be accessed by clicking on it. Scroll down through the article to the section on the Republican and Democrat caucus process.

Confused over Nevada caucuses? It’s easier than you think

2016 Nevada Caucuses – Dates and Locations

Somersett residents generally reside in Precincts 5030, 5045 or 5046. Caucus locations and dates for these precincts are as follows:

Republican Caucus

  • Date and Time:  Tuesday, February 23rd  –  5:00 PM
  • Location:  Precinct 5030 – Billinghurst Middle School,  Precincts 5045 and 5046  –  Sierra Canyon Aspen Lodge

Democrat Caucus

  • Date and Time:  Saturday, February 20th – 11:00 AM
  • Location:  Precincts 5030, 5045 and 5046 – McQueen High School

If you want to verify your precinct and caucus location, you may do so by accessing the following links and entering your address where instructed.

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