Parking at Aspen Lodge

Following article submitted by Joe Bower, Sierra Canyon Owner

I have been looking into parking at the Lodge in Sierra Canyon, aka Del Webb Reno. I don’t know the square feet gross floor area for TCTC, but the following might be of interest to owners in Sierra Canyon and Somersett as the Code would be the same for both.

I have been able to determine that for a building like our Lodge, i.e. a community center, Reno Code requires 1 parking space per 275 square feet gross floor area.  That number for our Lodge before expansion is 18,805 which means 68 parking spaces and after the planned expansion to 22,901 square feet gross floor area 83 parking spaces will be required.

I have not personally verified the number of existing parking spaces at our Lodge. However, Director Miyaskai once told me, “There are a total of 74 parking spaces, 8 of which are handicapped assigned spaces. Also 6 of the 74 spaces are designated for use by sale office visitors, but we never came across any written agreement that reserved these 6 spaces for Pulte. However, the use of these 6 spaces strictly for sale office visitors has never been enforced. It should also be noted that the sales office staff do park their personal vehicles in other parking spaces too.”

83 minus 74 = 9 short

I have met on-site with a representative from Reno City Parking and verified that there is No Parking in the bike lanes on Del Webb Parkway East or the portion of Somersett Parkway that runs between Villages 1 and 3.

Per City Code handicapped parking spaces shall be provided within 100 feet of the building entrance at the following required minimum rate: Total Parking Spaces Required 76 to 100 – Number of Accessible Spaces Required is 4.

Also, one in eight accessible spaces shall be van accessible, unless Option 2 below is selected. If only one accessible space is required, that space shall be van accessible.

A.  Minimum Dimensions

Minimum dimensions of accessible parking spaces shall be as provided by either of the two options detailed below.

Option 1:

All accessible parking spaces shall be a minimum of eight (8) feet wide, with an adjacent access aisle with a minimum width of five which may be placed between two accessible spaces so as to serve both spaces.

Van accessible spaces shall be a minimum of eight feet wide, with an adjacent access aisle which is a minimum of eight wide which also may be placed between two van accessible spaces to serve both spaces.

Option 2:

All accessible parking spaces shall be a minimum of 11 feet wide with an adjacent access aisle with a minimum width of five feet which may be place between two accessible parking spaces so as to serve both spaces.

If Option 2 is selected, the provision of van accessible spaces in not required.

B.  Signage

All accessible parking spaces shall be clearly identified with signs as described in the accessible parking sections of NRS 484 and RMC 6.06.525(b), with a painted symbol. Van accessible spaces shall have an additional sign reading “Van -accessible” mounted below.  All signs shall be located so they cannot be obscured by a vehicle parking in the space or surrounding vegetation.

C.  Clearance

All accessible parking spaces shall provide a minimum vertical clearance of eight feet, two at the parking space(s) and along at least one vehicle access route to the spaces from site entrances and exit(s).

D.  Slope of Parking Space

All accessible parking spaces and access aisles shall be level. Surface slopes shall not exceed 1:50 (two percent) in any direction.

E.  Route to Building

Whenever accessible parking is provided, an accessible route shall also be provided which connects accessible parking spaces with main building entrances. This route shall consist of walking surfaces with a slope no greater than 1:20, marked crossings at driveways and other vehicular routes, access aisles, ramps, curb ramps, and/or any other element which is determined by the administrator to be necessary to allow a person with a mobility impairment to travel from the accessible parking spaces to the main building entrances.


2 thoughts on “Parking at Aspen Lodge

  1. Solution: dissolve the HOA and sell the lodge. I have a friend living in the Loma Mira section of Reno and he gets 1 or 2 real estate agents a month wanting to list his house because it’s one of the few neighborhoods WITHOUT an HOA and these homes move very fast and get top dollar.

  2. HOA’ s provide many benefits that a cash strapped city cannot.
    It would be nice if FR could do a better job at policing sub-contractors who provide maintenance
    For instance
    gates – it should take Tholl (a sub contractor) 6 months in 2014 to replace a gate that worked well – depriving them of the security they pay for!
    Road maintenance – clean up of loose ‘topping’ and tar stains after re-doing our blacktop
    Over a year of requests to clean-up & prevent ( more rock and vegetation on the steep slopes all over Somersett (replacing DG and dirt is not a solution – unless it doesn’t rain again!) heavy rains washing away dirt onto our streets and trails
    Trees – more trees to help reduce GHG emissions

    Good work by sub- contractors needs good supervision !

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