SOA Management Staff

somersett UnitedThe Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Management Company, FirstService Residential (FSR), has had a changeover in their staff at the SOA Community Manager and Owner Accounts & Compliance Director positions. Lauren Stemmler and Stephanie Viau have moved on to other positions within FSR.  Their replacements and contact information follow:

Community Manager
Bryan Allegretto
787-4500 x327

Owner Accounts and Compliance Director
Andrea Bryant
787-4500 x310

Other FSR Staff Contacts are as follows:

 Assistant Community Manager
Ryan Dominquez
787-4500 x335

Aesthetics and Maintenance Director
Blake Lederman
787-4500 x333

Owners should feel free to contact any of the above FSR staff for questions or information on community issues.  Likewise email contact with the SOA Board of Directors may be accomplished via

Regarding Association Committees, the Communication Committee is the only one currently with a group address via  All other Committees, i.e., Strategic Planning, Finance & Budget,  Community Standards and Aesthetic Guidelines have no group email address.  Perhaps owner access to these committees will change when the new website is implemented.

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