Sierra Canyon Construction Defects Settlement

somersett UnitedThe following memo from the law firm of Shinnick & Ryan NV P.C. was reportedly sent to many homeowners in Sierra Canyon with regard to a construction defect settlement against the builder, Pulte. Apparently this law suit (Reference: Second District Court, Case Number CV 12-02049) has been ongoing since the spring of 2012 and involves approximately 240 Sierra Canyon plaintiffs and 40 Contractors. Main defect is stucco, but many others from window, heating, plumbing, drywall, tile, roofing, electrical, shower doors and others.

Shinnick & Ryan Memo

7 thoughts on “Sierra Canyon Construction Defects Settlement

    1. Old Joe,

      FYI, as one can see, the letter SU published was not marked confidential. It was submitted by a Sierra Canyon homeowner who thought it would be of general interest to other Sierra Canyon homeowners, especially those who may have purchased their homes since the initial filing of the lawsuit.

      In addition, no SOA responsible party has ever approached this website with a claim of copyright infringement. This is just not the case. The SOA documents published on this website are for the benefit of our readers and available in the public domain.

      1. Just because you may legally post something, doesn’t mean you should. This issue is no ones business except those involved. The homeowner who did this is just flat out wrong and I question their motive.

        1. Don’t be confused by the old feller’s assertion that all the material he copies to this website is “public domain”. The material he copies is authored and owned by others. He authenticates to private areas of the association’s website, and then copies files to his own website without permission. He does not know what “public domain” means – he is not copying publicly available documents. He is distributing material to unauthorized persons contrary to the intent of the owners of that material. In addition, he knows that the association has objections to this practice. He has referenced association discussions contemplating legal action to protect their materials. As far as benefiting his “readers”, these readers are anonymous and probably are not residents of Somersett – residents have approved access to association materials. He is simply stealing things from people and copying them to his website, pure and simple.

          1. Old Joe

            Here is the reality – non-residents who are interested in buying in Somersett can gain access to most of the Association documents referenced on this website as part of their decision making process – hence available in the public domain.

            Secondly – most of the Association documents referenced on this website are not available on the Association website and are difficult to find on the FSR Management Company website. Perhaps this will change with the new website under development.

            Thirdly – Perhaps you should identify those Association documents published under the “References” tab you believe constitute a violation of law and identify exactly who has been harmed by their publishing

            1. It is typical of law breakers to think they aren’t hurting anyone with their crimes.
              If these documents are available in the “public domain” to interested persons, then there is no motive for you to publish them here. Maybe you didn’t know this, but when you publish something on the Internet, it is available to the whole world.
              In this post, you have published a letter from a law firm to its clients. I doubt that the law firm gave you permission to publish their communication. I wonder how they would react if they new their letter was available on the Internet to everyone. You know this is wrong, but you don’t care.
              As far as who is harmed, perhaps your parents didn’t teach you that when you steal something you hurt the person who owns what you have stolen. When you steal someones letters or reports or documents, you deprive them of their “copyright”, their right to determine to whom and how their documents are copied and distributed. This will catch up with you eventually…

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