Somersett Fire Station #19 Closures

The following was submitted by Jeff Church – Retired Reno Police Officer:

At the Ward 5 Reno Neighborhood Advisory Group (NAB) covering Somersett, I spoke about RFD Station #19 (2105 Hawk Meadow) being closed. Contrary to reports they were available during emergencies (quote on request) I reported that Skyline #7 was empty (no trucks) and that both stations were closed even on high wind red flag days and 4th of July. Other than that how do you predict an emergency?   I suggested it would at least be a good REMSA and volunteer station. I suggested an agenda item.

After I spoke the RFD Fire Chief spoke to correct my “misinformation”. He insisted the station was browned out not closed. He did say they were looking at an RFD rescue unit there. Contracting with REMSA would be much cheaper but a two person rescue unit is better than nothing.

Current labor contract prohibits volunteers in Reno. Also Reno refuses Automatic aid with Washoe-TMFPD down the hill except for fires but not medical which is well over 90% of all calls. Houses can be replaced, lives cannot.

According to stats I received, #19 was browned out quite a bit in 2013 and 2014 however in all of 2015 it was100% closed. The 2016 stats are pending but I strongly suspect it was 100% closed as well.

Station #19 used to hold two fire trucks (apparatus). Today it holds just one and a pick up. My sources tell me that truck is “An engine with number 87, a 30 year old with 179,000 miles, condition “poor”, is in Station 19”.

So 100% closed for the last 15 months. I title the Chief’s “Clinton-like” comments as “50 shades of brown”.

Jeff Church

Town Hall Meeting on SOA Survey Results

somersett UnitedFor our readers who did not have the opportunity to attend one of the recent Town Hall meetings on the 2016 Homeowner Survey Results, the following is provided:


  • The power-point presentation, which was well detailed, used in the Town Hall Meetings to present survey results and provide the basis for discussion. The presentation slides may be accessed by clicking on the following link:


  • The first Town Hall Meeting was also videotaped, which may be viewed by clicking on the following:

The preceding links are also available for access on the SOA’s website.  If you currently do not have access to the SOA’s website, SU urges you to sign up.  An updated website is currently under development, which promises to be more user friendly, incorporate some informative additions and provide for improved homeowner communications. No specific date yet when the contracted vendor, D4 Advanced Media, will have the new website up and running.