Town Hall Meeting on SOA Survey Results

somersett UnitedFor our readers who did not have the opportunity to attend one of the recent Town Hall meetings on the 2016 Homeowner Survey Results, the following is provided:


  • The power-point presentation, which was well detailed, used in the Town Hall Meetings to present survey results and provide the basis for discussion. The presentation slides may be accessed by clicking on the following link:


  • The first Town Hall Meeting was also videotaped, which may be viewed by clicking on the following:

The preceding links are also available for access on the SOA’s website.  If you currently do not have access to the SOA’s website, SU urges you to sign up.  An updated website is currently under development, which promises to be more user friendly, incorporate some informative additions and provide for improved homeowner communications. No specific date yet when the contracted vendor, D4 Advanced Media, will have the new website up and running.

One thought on “Town Hall Meeting on SOA Survey Results

  1. Videotaping the Survey Results meeting is great. The time has come to do the same for Board Meetings.

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